Tin Foil Curl

Recently we discovered, Helinhair, a Norwegian hairdresser/blogger, on Instagram.  In a video tutorial she shared her favorite trick for achieving long-lasting curls out of tinfoil!  Naturally we had to try it!  Beginning with clean, dry hair, we wrapped our hair into a pin curl, which we secured with a piece of tin foil (reminiscent of getting highlights).  Then we sealed each piece with a a flat iron.  Once our hair was completely cooled to the touch, we unwrapped and, of course, applied our favorite hairspray!  According to Helin, “If your hair is the worst when it comes to holding a curl, this is a fantastic cure to perpetually straight hair.  You can make tight, spiral curls from root to tip or loose beach waves!”

What do you think … Clever or Clueless??

PS — while this isn’t an entirely new concept, it was definitely new to us!


Beyoncé Instagram

In addition to taking home eight of the night’s biggest honors — including Video Of The Year and Best Female Video — at the MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night, Beyoncé stunned in a Francesco Scognamiglio Couture pastel beaded gown with feathered wings as she fluttered down the red carpet, arm-in-arm with four-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy.  The dynamic duo certainly caused a buzz!   After four wardrobe changes and a sixteen-minute medley performance, introduced by Serena Williams, Queen Bey took the evening’s top award, gushing, “I’d like to thank my beautiful daughter and incredible husband for all of their support.” The singer made history by winning a total of twenty-five Moonmen (dethroning the previous queen of the VMAs, Madonna, who has only received twenty).


Designer SunglassesWe are often defined by our “signature” accessories — our handbags, our jewelry, and, of course, our chic, designer sunglasses. But did you know that rays from the sun can actually damage our lenses over time?  A new study published in Biomedical Engineering OnLine, led by faculty at São Carlos School of Engineering, University of São Paulo, Brazil, suggests that tinted lenses should be replaced as frequently as every two years.  “Sunglasses play an important role in providing safety, and their lenses should provide adequate UV filters,” explains university professor, Liliane Ventura. “Ocular health is a serious concern worldwide. In some countries sunglasses standards are not quite appropriate for the ultraviolet conditions.”  As a result, Brazilian researchers have called for revisions in the standards on which the quality of sunglass lenses are measured.  According to the peer review publication, BioMed Central, insufficient sun protection can lead to “pathological modifications to the cornea and to the internal structure of the eye” including edema (swelling of the eye which can distort vision), pterygium (growth of pink, fleshy tissue on the white of the eye that can interfere with vision), cataract (clouding of the lens of the eye), and retina damage.