We first fell in love with YouCam’s Perfect Photo & Selfie Editor, but now we discovered its latest diagnostic tool, a Skin Diary.  Relying on Augmented Reality (AR) facial recognition technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the app evaluates the skin’s condition in real-time via the user’s smartphone camera.  The new feature scores four signs of skin health: wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles. After the skin is scanned, a detailed skin health report is shown, highlighting the user’s skin age and relative skin scores as compared to the same demographic of other users.  Users can also track their daily results in the Skin Diary section, which allows them to the check the efficacy of their skincare regimen over time.


The women of the 2017 Teen Choice Awards kept it cool and classy with beautiful, girly looks.  Yara Shahidi, Paris Jackson, Zendaya, Vanessa Hudgens, and Millie Bobby Brown (pictured left to right), were red carpet standouts, each demonstrating a sense of confidence and relaxed glamour.  We especially loved Paris Hilton’s make-under, and Zendaya’s perfect balance of relaxed curls and defined lips.  Viewers were shocked by the volume of “no-shows” (Miley Cyrus pulled out at the last moment, while Beyoncé, Zac Efron, Ariana Grande were simply absent) and video acceptance speeches from Bruno Mars and Gal Gadot.


During a mid-day session at Saturday’s Beautycon Festival Los Angeles, former Vogue editor, Sarah Brown, center, moderated a fireside chat with supermodel, Adriana Lima, and international makeup star, Sir John.  The trio serve as judges on Lifetime’s upcoming reality competition, American Beauty Star, also hosted by Lima.  Speaking about her professional influences, Brown cited Anna Wintour and Jean Godfrey June as her mentors, describing June as “my first boss, brilliant writer, my most important mentor to this day, one of the best people I know.”  Brown also noted that when she began in beauty, during the 1990s, it was without a beauty influence.  Why? Because at the time, nobody actually looked like her.  This gave Brown the opportunity to develop her personal style and look.  Today she admires unique beauties such as, Tilda Swinton and Cate Blanchett.

Sir John’s mentors have included superstars, Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury, for whom he started working as an assistant.  Speaking to aspiring makeup artists in the audience, he shared, “if you want a career in beauty, you can’t lead until you effectively follow.”  Translation:  be an intern, be an assistant, and learn on the job. Calling today’s youth the “we don’t want to to learn, we just want to be a star” generation, he shared some of his earlier credits, which including working at the MAC Cosmetics counter and doing makeup in a strip club (while still working at Vogue) to make ends meet.  “Don’t be afraid of assisting, don’t be afraid of learning,” he emphasized.

Brown also noted that when Lima began her modeling career, she, too, looked like no one else.  While she did have beauty influences, she quickly embraced her singularity.  “Everyone is unique.  You just have to embrace that uniqueness,” she urged.  Lima is the first to acknowledge that she is not perfect. “I am just myself.  I get out there, I have fun,” but, most importantly, “I love what I do, I love being here.”