Skinny Tan TrioOur Undercover fantasy is to appear skinny and tan this summer.  That’s why we were thrilled to learn that Skinny Tan, Australia’s year-round secret weapon, is finally available in the United States!  Skinny Tan is a salon quality, all-natural, self tanner that instantly bronzes the skin for up to 7 days while reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Its range of products contains a natural tanning active plus Guarana for an instant bronze that develops into a long-lasting tan.  Made with organic oils and a coconut and caramel scent, products go on smoothly without streaking or turning into an unnatural shade of orange.  The collection includes high-quality, naturally-derived, and eco-friendly agents from the Brassica Napus plant which work to create a naturally-looking tan, while disguising blemishes, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and adding visible definition while creating some dangerous curves.  To accompany the cult-favorite 7-Day Tanner, Skinny Tan’s Pre-Tan Primer, a gentle exfoliant, removes dry or dead skin cells 1-2 hours prior to its sunless application, helping prepare for a flawless glow.  To maintain or even enhance its effects, Skinny Tan’s After Glow Gloss hydrates while creating a Red Carpet look with no gimmicky glitz or glitter.  Skinny Tan, available in a crème, mousse or oil, is a PETA-approved ethical brand.

Skinny Tan is offering several lucky Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to SWAG its Sunless Tanning Trio (retail $79.94) simply by liking them on Facebook and entering  here. This SWAG Alert is open to Subscribers 18 years or older with a valid US mailing address only.  Delivery is anticipated within 3-4 weeks.


 Taylor Swift
Little more than a month after her show-stopping appearance at the Met Gala (right), Taylor Swift took a casual turn (left) at pal Selena Gomez’s concert in Nashville, TN.  Dressed in a modern red crop-top and matching flared skirt, it wasn’t the singer’s beau, Tom Hiddleston, who had tongues wagging.  Rather, it was Swift’s seemingly enhanced assets that had her fans flocking to Twitter.  Comments ranged from “#TaylorSwift is looking very busty lately!!” and “I guess you can’t be famous and have small boobs even Taylor Swift got implants,” to “Did Taylor get a bob job and if not girl where that bra from hook a sister up.”
So what do you think?  Did she or didn’t she?



Large EarringsThough our ears are 90% formed by age of 6, they continue to change shape as we age.  As soft tissues relax and the structural support changes, causing them to droop. “Bone recedes with time, so there’s less foundation to hold the skin and cartilage up,” explains board certified NYC Dermatologist Dr. Kally Papantoniou.  Aging, sun damage, and the loss of elasticity and collagen in the skin also contribute to sagging.  “The support is also not there so the ear looks shriveled,” she adds.   When the ear lobes become wrinkled and thinned out typically near the site of a piercing, they “weaken the piercing itself so that earrings are not held firmly in the ear,” causing them to turn downward, rather than stay in place. Dr. Papantoniou often uses dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Belotero to aid the structure of the lobe.  “The look is completely natural, and the earrings are held up perfectly afterwards, with hardly any down time.”  Here are some of Dr. Papantoniou’s tips to help protect your lobes from hanging (too) low:

  1. Never sleep with earrings. Even if this does not feel uncomfortable, it could mean 8 hours of an ear being tugged by the earring against a pillow.
  2. Don’t wear heavy earrings every day routinely. Save this for an important event, or limit the amount of time you wear them to few hours.
  3. Don’t forget your sunscreen!  Photodamage is the # 1 aging factor for the ear.
  4. Consider applying some of your retinol cream to the lower part of the ear when you apply to your face.
  5. If you have an over grown scar on the ear, this may be a keloid and it can be treated with either injections or surgical removal, see your dermatologist.