On the West side of Los Angeles he is known simply as Arturo – a shoe doctor who can transform a pair of beaten up Louboutins into something that looks like its never hit pavement.  blowdryers 2On the heels of Arturo comes another man who just needs one name to get respect amongst the toughest critics in Los Angeles.  We’re talking about a man by the name of “Vago.” 
For top hair stylists in the city he is the go-to-guy for fixing expensive blowdryers that have gone snap, crackle, or pop!  A low-key guy who doesn’t crave the limelight, he prefers to just pick up the blow dryers from the salons.  So the next time you’re blowdryer falls apart – don’t throw it away.  Bring it to Dr..Vago who will fix it for under $36. 
Popular drop-spots are Alford Mikolaj (310-278-6634) and Giusepe Franco Salon (310-274-8967).

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