Everyone is talking about actress Jessica Capshaw, and her role as a lesbian on the hit series, “Grey’s Anatomy.”  Although she plays a pediatric surgeon who doesn’t want children on the show, in real life she is the mother two a two-year old, Luke, and is expecting a child this fall.  These days when she isn’t on set,  she is finding ways to play makeup with beauty products that aren’t riddled with dangerous chemicals. 

With the help of her husband, Christopher Gavigan, the CEO of Healthy Child, Healthy World, a national non-profit, they have found some amazing green products.  Capshaw sat down with Beauty Undercover to talk beauty, motherhood and more…

Beauty Undercover: What do you want for Mother’s Day?
Jessica Capshaw: Breakfast in bed and sleeping late!

BU: What is the best beauty advice your mother has ever given you?
JC: Wear sunscreen!

BU: What is the worst advice?
JC: Nothing, but I can say definitely that we’ve weathered some terrible trends together, and we can back each other up on that.  All I know is that there were patent leather  mules in my house!

BU: What advice will you give your daughter?
JC: Beauty comes from within.  You must come out believing in yourself.

BU: What was your worst beauty disaster?
JC: A really bad Sally Hirschberger haircut in 1999 — I’m not Meg Ryan!

BU: What’s in your makeup bag?
JC: Right now being a mom, and having to wear so much makeup at work, in my real life — an eyelash curler, blush, lip gloss and if I’m feeling really fancy or I’m going out at night, then mascara.  

BU: What brands do you like?
JC: Now that I’m pregnant and ever since my husband started making me acutely aware of all the ingredients in all these beauty products we love to spend money on, I’ve been trying to use more all-natural brands.  There is this makeup artist in New York Rose Marie-Swift who has this whole organic line, somebody recently sent me products from Lotus beauty — that’s also awesome, and I love Josie Maran’s line.  My go-to foundation has always been Chantecaille, because I think it’s beautiful and it doesn’t leave you all “cakey.”

BU: How has your beauty regime changed since pregnancy?  Did you have to give up something that you love?
JC: I kind of did that the first pregnancy around, and I never went back.  There are parabens in every type of cancer, so I don’t want to put something in my body that already has them.

BC: And for your hair?
JC: I just went to the drugstore and found a whole area of natural and organic products.  I found this line, Organix, that has coconut milk, and I love the smell of coconut.


  1. Jenny says:

    oooo i love her as an actress on greys! this is the first time i’ve read an interview with her 🙂 i was always jealous of her natural beauty on the show and did not know she was the step-daughter of steven spielberg! thanks for the article BU!

  2. […] På Beauty Undercover kan man läsa om Jessica Capshaw från ”Grey’s Anatomy”. Hennes make är vd för Healthy Child, Healthy World, en miljöorganisation som bland annat arbetar för att våra barn får växa upp i en så giftfri miljö som möjligt. Jessica berättar att hon ganska nyligen har upptäckt gröna produkter och det som står i hennes badrum kommer bland annat från Rose Marie Swift (Rsm Beauty), Lotus beauty, Josie Maran och Organix hårprodukter. Jessica säger: ”There are parabens in every type of cancer, so I don’t want to put something in my body that already has them.” […]

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