The latest wrinkle in Botox has actresses such as Julia Roberts and Teri Hatcher speaking out!  The Eat Pray Love star says she doesn’t want her children to see her face stripped of expression.  Other actresses are blowing off the wrinkle reducing toxin as well.   We hear some in Hollywood are raising eyebrows by using a machine where it basically works the muscles in the face.  A device called NuFace is designed to tone and stimulate the face. 

This FDA approved device offers the benefits of micro-current technology for at-home use.  Robin McDonald who is a celebrity esthetician with Ole Henriksen in West Hollywood shows us how to use the device in the video below.  Of course she combined the micro-current technology with the vitamin C serum of Ole Henriksen’s which we love!

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2 Responses to “THE WRINKLE IN BOTOX”

  1. mychaella says:

    I have been using NUFACE and would recommend it to everybody – slash the pricey treatments and splurge on something you can do yourself (like a back massage:) NuFace is making it too easy to believe, but it’s seriously working if used regularly.

  2. mychaella says:

    >>>>> Sorry, I meant to say, splurge on something you CAN’T do yourself …

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