She is known for her long dark hair. But Teri Hatcher cut off her hair and went for a simple bob. The 47-year-old decided to shake it up and go above the shoulders.



10 Responses to “TERI HATCHER CUTS IT OFF”

  1. Lennia says:

    Wondering if she cut it off or took it out. I hope those were extensions. If not, she had such beautiful, full, lovely hair. I could never do that big chop, I’d be freaking out over my hair being gone. I hope it was just “she took it off”. Plus, idk but her longer made her look more youthful, guess that’s a given though with longer hair. Oh well, if she’s happy with the decrease, more power to her!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Sorry, but I loved her long hair. Much better, smooth, styled and a better look for her. She is still a very pretty woman and hopefully, if it was extensions, she can always go back to them.

  3. Shannon M says:

    I don’t like this look at all. She looks a bit like Lisa Rinna.

  4. Diane K. says:

    Of course those were extensions. Look how thin her hair is now. That’s her natural hair. The extensions gave her enormous fullness plus length and layers. I bet in a month, her hair will be back to the way it was before she had it restyled!

  5. Leslie Petersen says:

    Yikes! Put the extensions back on! LOL!

  6. sandy weinstein says:

    looks terrible

  7. Liz says:

    Those had to have been extensions, not a cut. Her hair is thin and frizzy. All that hair looked false, but better than what she’s rocking now.

  8. ShericeJ says:

    If a person knows what they are doing then its very easy to make something like hair look better than what is it, but that cut or w/e it is does not fit her face.

  9. Wanda says:

    I support her new look. Cool, casual and chic, fewer headaches and time spent in the salon chair – good choice for the summer.

  10. jade says:

    Hate her hair as pictures above, but want to see it conditioned and styled better before I would vote nay.

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