When Madonna’s assistant was spotted this week carrying a bulky contraption out of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, he inadvertently revealed the superstar’s latest weapon in her anti-aging arsenal. It’s Oxygen. Or more specifically $14,200 worth of Oxygen – an Intraceuticals Oxygen machine. Previously, Madonna confessed to having one of these pricey machines in every one of her six homes, but now it looks like she literally won’t leave home without one.  Read more.


  1. denise kravitz says:

    we all know oxyoen is necessaary to survive so what the heck. if madonna uses this machine then hey who are we to make a statement other than wow she looks good at her age……

  2. Kat says:

    Not even remotely similar to what she uses, but I did one of those Oxygen bars in Vegas just to see what it was like. It was surprisingly refreshing … and even gave somewhat of a euphoric feeling. Perhaps it was because I had been walking through smoke filled casinos all day, but I absolutely loved the way it made me feel. It also helped that you could choose different “flavors” to enhance it. I guess it is technically a bit of a boosted aromatherapy. It was fairly cheap (and I got a nice scalp massage after), so I’d say it was worth the $10.

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