There is a rather interesting makeup trend taking place at gyms these day…women wear it to workout!  And it isn’t just in the US.  According to a new poll seven out of ten women are  troweling on the cosmetics before a workout in the UK too! In order to achieve that perfect ‘gym bunny’ look mascara reigns as the most popular workout wonder, with two out of five admitting to applying the lash-lengthening wand before doing any form of exercise in public. Foundation came in second, with 34 per cent of women wanting a flawless face while sweating it out, and lip gloss made the top three with 21 per cent. Read more.


  1. Jessie says:

    I am guilty of this too, and at the pool. But, in my defense, makeup is one of the first things I do on the a.m., and then what follows, follows, I don’t really wash it off before swimming or sweating. Putting on foundation on purpose before the gym though makes me wonder how well there complexion is fairing.

  2. Valerie C. says:

    I’ve always worn some makeup to the gym.

  3. diana says:

    i never wear make up before working out as it makes me break out.
    i do wear it before swimming though as i usually just decide to do it during the day and don’t wash it off before.

  4. melissa says:

    I’ve always worn mascara and a little tinted lip balm/gloss while working out. It’s not a big deal. I doubt most women are actually wearing as much makeup to the gym as they could when going to the bar. What an exaggeration.

  5. Christine A. says:

    Wearing full makeup to the gym, that would be worse for you than eating junk food, clog your pores & look like Alice Cooper with a makeup meltdown. Well that is how I envision it. Working Out is a cleansing experience in the form of sweat, let it pour/pore. Lol….:)

  6. AtilaV says:

    This is not a ‘trend’ just stupid behaviour. i doubt it happens outside trendy gyms in L.A.

  7. RedRose says:

    I think Melissa has a good point–most women don’t wear as much makeup to the gym as they would on a night out. I wear what’s comfortable and keeps me somewhat presentable. I look lifeless without mascara and my lips are dry and bothersome without some creamy color.

  8. Linda says:

    For the first time, I actually saw someone with make up on at the gym and she got some looks! I honestly thought she might have wandered in to the wrong place. There are some pretty hardcore workouts at this gym, you even rarely hear people conversing. Personally, I go with a clean moisturized face and probably sweat most of that off. But to each their own!

  9. Despoina says:

    Personally I think it’s a really bad idea to wear make up in the gym. There is no point to it, especially if you are doing an intense workout. I mean do women really like dripping make up all over the gym floor and ending up looking worse if they didn’t put any in the first place?

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