A number of famous women have changed their hair when they hook up with a new man.  It may bot be intentional but the look took a turn with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Mary  Kate Olsen to  Katie Holmes.  Remember when Katie Holmes cut her locks into the perfect pageboy? Since Mary Kate Olsen began dating Oliver Sarkozy, the brother of the former president of France, she had transformed her look and even switched to a darker color.  But in all three cases it seems the transformation (right photos) are all fantastic!


  1. denise kravitz says:

    Woman should never change anyathing for others. WIth that said… if you really want to make a change then say oh I want a change don’t blame others for your choices… Be strong and face your choices with pride…You want to change your hair color then change for yourself and if the man in your life loves it great but you make the choice…… ALWAYS

  2. Shannon M says:

    I think a new love inspires you to be more bold and try new things. That being said, if these ladies want to change it up for a new man, why not? Women ask men to change things for them why can’t a man do the same?

  3. Lennia says:

    Well, Mary Kate looks fab, not so much for Katie Holmes though. That cut combined with the oompa loompaness skin just wasn’t working for her. I can say though that since her escape, I mean divorce filing, from His All Seeing Supreme Being From Planet 9, she’s never looked happier or more vibrant then she does now in more recent photos. Good for her!

    I recall a recent post by BU about her & I remember commenting on how miserable, afraid, & unhappy she looked then. She’s free now it seems & looks so happy. I think I even saw her skipping in one photo.

    As for Kim Kardashian, well you know the saying about a painted pig.

  4. Lennia says:

    Just to clarify, Mary Kate looks fab as a brunette. She even looks pretty now. The blonde hair really washed her out, aged her & gave her that common Skeletor look the hollywood ladies seem to love these days.

  5. RedRose says:

    I wear what I believe to be most flattering for me (considering the input of others). However, I would NEVER make a change simply because my significant other suggested it. It’s my body, my decisions.

  6. Latoya says:

    Whats up with Katie Holmes face in the pic where she’s got the bob cut? Someone really messed up on her blush :-/

  7. mYTurn says:

    it is an essential part of women nature to change with time, girls adopt the new things very quickly, actually if you said to a women that you are beautiful she will remember it for a moment but if you said to a women she is ugly she will not forget it her whole life

  8. Aileen says:

    If women aren’t actually inclined to take their style directions from men, then why are so many of the hair and fashion leaders male? You’d think that women would know women’s needs best and have the skills to excel in all areas of fashion and beauty, but somehow when men do it they get more respect, status, recognition, influence and of course money. We primarily just want women to edit the magazines and be the models, I guess.

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