Hidden qualities ... Botox

UCLA is known for being on the cutting edge of medicine so it should come as no surprise that one innovative doctor has found a way to releive pain when shooting Botox and filler.  “Patients are nervous coming to the doctor’s office,” says Dr. Robert Goldberg of Jules Stein. “Over my career I have become convinced that if we can reduce that stress, not only do patients have a more pleasant experience but they actually heal better.  Patients love the urban zen program because  they have a less stressful, more spa -like experience in the office.  My favorite part is that I have noticed our treatment results have improved”

So the good doctor has enlisted the help of a zen therapist by the name of Danica Fiashetti to help patients by using zen techniques with their cosmetic filler and botox injections.  These techniques include music and aroma therapy, reiki ( or Japanese energy therapy) breath awareness, body or yoga movements  and positioning of patients during procedures.  In the end, you come out with fewer wrinkles, relaxed and


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