It was all about the weave backstage at the Rodarte show at New York Fashion Week.  It wasn’t about hair, but nails.  CND did this amazingpale pink  basket-weave manicure on the models.  They took a combined 150 hours of manual labor to complete—requiring CND’s Michelle Huynh and her team to paint a custom-blended dusty pink lacquer onto wax paper strips, which were left to dry overnight. The next morning, they cut them into even smaller slivers and applied them in a cross-hatched pattern over the nails for a mixed-media effect.

11 Responses to “HOW TO NAIL THE NEW WEAVE”

  1. Iris says:

    Cute – but beyond ridiculous for any real person, in terms of time = cost.

  2. Elaine says:

    Really clever and quite pretty!

  3. Deborah Curran says:

    love it

  4. Shannon M says:

    Very cute!

  5. Shirley says:

    I really don’t think they’re all that pretty. Look to dusky.

  6. Judy A says:

    different, like it

  7. Emm says:

    Holy labor intensive…it’s a very pretty color. I wonder if cnd will come out with the color? I wish I could see an even more close up picture. 🙂

  8. Sherice J says:

    cute but to much work.

  9. Monica Platz says:

    Cool, but so much time! Holy cow!

  10. Ingrid S. says:

    Way too much work.

  11. missannmcd says:

    No work at all and I love it! It’s no work b/c I would gladly pay to have them done. I never do my own nails.

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