Flu season is here so we have a few tips on how to keep your makeup germ free.  A recent story in the Huffington Post has some brilliant tips.  Alcohol, hand sanitizer and antibacterial brush cleanser are three great products to keep in your bathroom and makeup case.  Perfect to clean off the top of your lipstick.  A pencil sharpener is also handy as it’s the quickest and most efficient way to keep your brow, eye and lip pencils sanitized.  If you use makeup brushes, be sure to wash them several times a month; at the very least, when they are visibly dirty. This is also the perfect time to take stock of what you actually use. No point in keeping products that you don’t use, and this will lessen the likelihood of holding onto something too long.  Try not to share makeup with friends.   Never share mascara or eyeliner!




  1. RedRose says:

    I am STUNNED at how many women will use old, visibly dirty makeup or lend makeup to friends and pass it around. I developed a staph infection from a simple fall which nearly took my life. After that, I learned to keep everything completely sanitary. Any makeup I haven’t used for a few months is tossed and I wash brushes in warm, soapy water weekly. I actually clean the inside and outside of containers with alcohol wipes (no, I’m not OCD).

  2. Liz says:

    I use Beauty So Clean to sanitize my makeup (NOT affiliated). Straight alcohol and hand sanitizer are bad ideas because they actually dry out your makeup and alter the texture. I am unaware of other readily available makeup sanitizers, but I would opt for those instead of alcohol or hand sanitizer. Wash your brushes, and also, DON’T share makeup! If you take precautions and use solid hygiene, you can maintain your makeup for longer than you might think.

  3. Dyane C. says:

    I love my makeup brush cleanser Cinema Secrets! Easy to use and a little bit goes a long way, completely takes all the color off without water and can use the brushes within 20 minutes or less after cleaning.

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