Genetics and age weigh heavily in favor of a hard body; however, those who make their livings in front of the camera, have to be more even vigilant about their workouts and making good eating choices.  Celebrity trainer and sports therapist, Wissam Khouzoui, who works with the cast of Game Of Thrones, shares his six rules for getting into celebrity-shape with Healthista.

A Full-Body Workout  “A full body workout is the best thing you can do because you’re targeting every muscle group; you’re not missing out on your back or your chest or legs. You’re making sure that you’re taxing every muscle group … Full body workouts mean a lot of squats and deadlifts – exercises that require multiple muscle groups.”

Weights And Walking  “I would recommend weight training over cardio. All my online clients always prefer weight sessions as they feel they’re getting stronger, fitter and have more energy throughout the day … Plus it will help increase your total daily energy expenditure (basically the number of calories you’re burning on a daily basis). That can also be increased through your daily steps so doing things like walking more and gardening, taking the stairs instead of the lift, parking further from the supermarket so you’re walking more.”

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