Monday, September 28th, 2015

My Pale Skin

Kudos to Em Ford, the UK blogger from My Pale Skin, for empowering women of all ages suffering with acne.  “It’s one of those dreaded things that makes you feel so bad every time you look in the mirror, and it’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights over it,” she blogs.  Her transformative tutorials have reached millions of viewers eager to conceal their blemishes with budget-friendly, drugstore brands.  But it is her revealing film, You Look Disgusting, that captured our attention (and respect!).  Em, you ARE beautiful.  Thank you for sharing that beauty with all of us!


Sunday, January 4th, 2015


Multi-hyphenate, Ellen DeGeneres, always knows how to get a good laugh — sometimes at the expense of her closest friends and family.  The comedienne/daytime host posted a video on Facebook of her beautiful wife, Portia de Rossi, getting physical while emulating moves from one of Jane Fonda’s iconic 1980’s fitness videos.  Unfortunately, de Rossi’s hadn’t realized that she was being filmed!  Commenting on her post DeGeneres wrote, “Portia said it was okay if I watched her do her Jane Fonda workout. She didn’t say anything about filming it and putting it on Facebook.”  De Rossi responded via Twitter, “Can’t a girl do a little @Janefonda Low-Impact workout in Peace??!”

The smooth moves, however, are quite timely, as Fonda re-releases her five most popular VHS tapes on DVD and digital download on Tuesday.  Credited for producing the best selling fitness videos of all time, with twenty-two titles and sales of more than seventeen million copies, Fonda, 72, shares, “People always tell me how the Workout changed their lives and ask why we never released the original titles on DVD.”  Adding, “Even recently Michael Strahan revealed that he used the workout tapes to, as he said, literally work his butt off, and credited them with his becoming conscious of the importance of working out.”


Wednesday, June 8th, 2011


We never know exactly which mascara to buy at the makeup counter. Do you go for the expensive one?  Or, can you get away with paying a lot less?  According to celebrity makeup artist Carola Gonzalez you can get the best for much less.  Gonzalez has worked on everyone from Kari Washington to Rosario Dawson.  Guess what mascara she puts on her actresses when they’re walking the red carpet?  She uses LashBlast by Covergirl which adds volume and length.  The price is under $10!  In the video below, Carola puts the mascara on TV host Julissa Bermudez.