We enlisted the help of the astrologer Zoe Moon to find out what we all have in store for October, 2015.

Venus arrives in our work and health zone on the 8th to help smooth things out or attract what we need via the love, women or money here. The trend will take us through the rest of the month and allow us to enjoy some of the wonderful things transpiring with co-workers, people we hire, our job activities, the details, our healthy lifestyle, any paperwork we are tackling, and our pets.

Mercury has taken us back over agreements, ideas, offers, and decisions involving romantic partners, business partners, agents, attorneys, specialists, clients, opponents, and other key players since Sept. 17th so hopefully we’ve all given it our attention and reviewed, reconnected, released, or reworked things because now on the 9th of Oct. Mercury goes Direct. Although there can be some glitches on the day things change and you should be more careful on this day about information and mechanical things, once this energy is moving again you are ready to move ahead yourself with said players or head out there and find new ones.

Speaking of new relationships, the NEW MOON on the 12th is in this part of the sky so you can take what you’ve decided to do with the partner, rep, client, specialist, competitor, etc, to that next chapter or you can launch into new relationships over the next 2 weeks with added cosmic support to help you make it happen.

The day before this New Moon kicks in brings a rare and positive/powerful alignment between Jupiter and Pluto that is aimed at the growth potential you have around work, health, pets, co-workers, hired help, paperwork, and the details moving forward, and any major goals you want to reach, the career trajectory in the mix or how authority figures like the boss, parent, judge, or other higher-up can help or is involved. So note that the 11th is important because it marks the beginning of a big arc this month that sets some new beginnings here between these two points. It is followed by Mars sitting with Jupiter on the 17th, giving you action and passion behind the big push forward, and then Venus sitting with Jupiter on the 25th bringing the woman/women into focus or the love or income needs into stronger fresh energy flow with it all. As a whole this is one of the most favorable influences we’ve seen in some time in these areas so act accordingly, what can you put in motion?!

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd which is the kick-off for a new 30 day cycle that puts a spotlight on sex, power, financial interests, divorce, reproduction, mortality issues, birth, and triangles. It’s important to step into your own power during this period ahead and pursue what you need here.

The FULL MOON on the 27th brings a climactic high point to the month around being valued, your earnings, the possessions, gifts, and purchases. It’s a time of achievement, celebration, endings, and peaks.

Halloween looks amazing this year because it falls in Cancer Moon and aligns favorably to the Sun in sexy Scorpio and Neptune in mystical Pisces. This means going all out at home for a party or the kids trick or treating, getting into the fantasy side of decorating, dressing up sexy and attending home parties, and in any way connecting to the other side where the veil is thin and spirit communicates should be off the charts. Enjoy!

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