If you ever get a shiny face just throw on some hand sanitizer to combat the problem.  At least that’s what some beauty experts say to do in a pinch.  It has dimethicone, a type of silicone that can take down that shine. You can use this along the hair line, your forehead, T-zone or if you have glistening cleavage.  If you want more unusual beauty tips click here.
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The mind-body practice of meditation has been around for thousands of years.  The famed Mayo Clinic cites benefits such as stress reduction, self-awareness, and improved focus, considering it a valid form of “complementary medicine.”  Third-generation clairvoyant, Chassidy Rana, calls meditation “the natural path to outer beauty.”  According to Rana, “our energy and thoughts precede our physical presence.”  Therefore, before reaching for the Botox, perhaps we should first try meditation?  Rana’s Daily Discipline is the result of her more than ten thousand readings over the years.  The morning meditation helps you “recall the ideas and inspiration that came during sleep, clear the karma of the day, and set your intensions,” while the evening verse helps with gaining greater intuition, communication and sleep.  ”There is nothing more attractive than a sexy, magnetic woman who is spiritually, mentally, and emotionally balanced,” says Rana.  And we agree! — Leah Sydney


Nails with flower

One of the tell-tale signs of aging is the condition of our hands.  According to a recent article in The New York Times, the popularity of the hand lift has only grown, since first reported in 2012.  The protocol varies from injectables and chemical peels to IPL and microdermabrasion treatments.  In any case, popular remedies are both time-consuming and costly.  Dr. Wayne Gradman, of the Beverly Hills Vein Center, has taken a  different approach to treating aging hands, by tossing out the filler and simply eradicating prominent surface veins.  These veins become more visible as we lose fat and elastic tissue in our hands, and they are not limited to the elderly; athletes suffer from them as well.  ”I have tried surgical removal as well as lasers, but foam sclerotherapy (injections) provides the best results,” says Gradman.  Treatments, which  garner immediate results (see before and after photos here), require little downtime — hands/arms must be bandaged for twenty-four hours — and are relatively painless.  However, the procedure does come at a price.  The Beverly Hills Vein Center charges $2,500, which includes pre and post-treatments for both hands and arms for up to a year.