peelOften when we try a new serum or moisturizer, once we apply our sunblock or concealer, it appears that our skin is peeling.  Time to return to our original beauty routine?  Not so fast!  There is probably nothing wrong with your product.  It is simply pilling.  “Pilling occurs when too much product is applied and, most often, when applying multiple products in layers,” says Celeste Hilling, CEO of healthy skin lifestyle company, Skin Authority.  “People will think their skin is peeling when it is actually excess product rolling on the surface of the skin.  The skin can’t absorb the excess and it rolls into little balls on the skin as the fingers move it in circular motions,” she adds.  So how to you prevent product overload?  “It is best to follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy when applying product,” asserts Hilling, “especially when layering.  1-2 drops should be more than enough to cover the face and neck of a effective grade skin product.”  Speaking of drops, Skin Authority has just launched a new line of Beauty Infusions, addressing four skin concerns:  brightening, hydrating, anti-aging, and clarifying.


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     “Quantum of Silence” star, Gemma Arterton, has been named Neutrogena‘s newest global brand ambassador. The English-born star joins beauty icons such as Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington and Kristen Bell, sharing “I am really excited to be joining the Neutrogena family. I have used Neutrogena products whilst growing up, so to now be an Ambassador is such an honour for me.”
     As part of the her partnership with Neutrogena, Gemma will support the brand’s first-ever global campaign, “Neutrogena. See What’s Possible,” which inspires women to challenge the status quo in their own lives the same way the brand has created skincare innovations no one previously dreamed were possible. “Gemma is a brilliant example of how believing in yourself can lead to great accomplishments…This is a natural partnership for Neutrogena because Gemma exemplifies passion and commitment—just like the women who use our products every day,” commented Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.



PackingMillions of Americans travel each summer for pleasure.  The Bureau of Transportation Statistics reports that over 650 million long distance summer trips are made between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, with at least 50 miles being considered long distance.  The greatest frustration air travelers encounter is the long security lines.  Because most airlines charge baggage fees, travelers are compelled to take advantage of the carry-on provisions.   “People often find it a challenge to pack smart. Instead, they pack way too much, the wrong things, and end up finding the luggage process exhausting,” explains Dr. Bruno Sharp of  Dr. Sharp Dentistry, a line of natural oral care products.  Following are his suggestions for a more seamless travel process.

  1. Carry essentials. If you have essential documents or valuables, you will want to avoid packing them where it will be difficult for you to get to them. Keep these items in a separate bag that is easily accessible and can be used as a carry-on if you will be flying. This will help you save time and avoid becoming frustrated.
  2. Go travel size. Forget what the hotel offers, as it is usually not what you want to use and you won’t enjoy your stay as much. TSA allows up to 3.4 ounces or less for carry-ons per item so opt for brands that you like to use that come in sizes you can carry along.  Toothpaste, such as the ones by Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care, are all airline compliant, so they won’t slow you down.
  3. Pack right. A lot of room can be saved in your bag or suitcase if you roll your clothing, rather than folding and stacking them. Take your items and individually fold them in half, then roll it up like a burrito.   Read more of this story »