broccoli-to-chocolateWe’ve all heard the expression, “a moment of sugar on the lips gives extra inches on your hips.”  But did you know that sugar can also cause fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne?  Sugar is an inflammatory food, and inflammation is a fundamental cause of aging.  So why do we love something so much that we’re willing to risk our faces and our bums?  That is one of the many reasons that scientists at City University in London, led by Professor Adrian Cheok, designed a mechanical prototype called, The Taste Buddy.  Designed to stimulate taste buds to recognize and enhance sweet or salty flavors, it tricks the tongue by emitting both thermal and electrical signals.  Cheok was inspired by his own childhood food preferences.  “Many children hate the taste of vegetables. So I knew that when I became an engineer, I wanted to make a device that could allow children to eat vegetables that taste like chocolate,” he shared with City University’s News.  The Taste Buddy will be on display in March, 2017 at The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Fair in Birmingham, England.


facial-tattooWhile facial tattooing satisfies some, others seeking pure saturation have turned to sclera or eyeball tattooing.  London tattoo artist, Sara Night, pictured above, was aware of the potential risks before undergoing the procedure at a local studio.  With more than 70% of her body covered in colorful ink, the former beautician, 32, shared with The Daily Mail, “You have to be very precise.  If I’d moved my eye by just a few millimetres while having it done, I could have gone blind.”   International tattoo artist and pioneer, Luna Cobra, began experimenting with the procedure in 2007.  Since then, he has fine-tuned both the technique and the materials to “increase the safety and minimize the risks of tattooing the eyeball.”  However, he warns of visiting unseasoned and poorly trained practitioners because they can cause vision impairments such as blurred vision, spots or floaters, and even blindness.   Both Cobra and Night acknowledge that the long-term effects of eyeball tattooing are still unknown. 


Happy Birthday, Bella!  In honor of her 19th birthday, Bella Thorne shared a Snapchat video of having her septum pierced.  Tensing as the needle pierces her cartilage, she sheds a tear while gasping, “Oh my God.”  Ouch!   Sharing the same video later on Instagram, the actress posted, “Yeah I can take it … #septum thanks to the ultimate homie for hookin it up.”  Septum piercing has become a mainstream trend over the past few years.  Unlike a tattoo, it is not a permanent form of body art; it can easily be concealed and does not leave a visible scar.  When removed for a prolonged period of time, the piercing eventually closes.