It is hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara, 43, and  True Blood’s Joe Manganiello, 38.  But after looking at wedding pictures of the couple, posted on Vergara’s Instagram account, its downright impossible!  The two tied the knot Sunday evening at The Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Florida.  The bride wore a custom Zuhair Murad gown, adorned with diamond Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, while the groom sported a traditional tuxedo by John Varvatos.


ms_starterkit_web-twe-editUltrasonic treatments are no longer just for the privileged.  Now there are treatments for virtually everyone — and at every price point.  A celebrity favorite, Ultherapy ($3,000-$5,000), uses noninvasive ultrasound energy to lift the eyebrow, neck and under-chin area.  By focusing ultrasound waves to heat deep layers of skin tissue, collagen production is stimulated, while bypassing the skin’s surface.  This procedure, however, must be done in a doctor’s office.  The Ultrasonic Facial, practiced in many spas and skincare clinics, is used to exfoliate dead skin cells and temporarily expand and cross the skin’s protection barrier, boosting anti-aging ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin, where they are more effective. Immediately skin is renewed with a radiant appearance and a temporary “plumping.”  Used regularly ($150-$200 per session), the treatment stimulates blood flow, increases the skin’s regenerative capacity, fighting inflammation (a chief cause of acne and the visible signs of aging), and promotes collagen synthesis.


The “prosumer” (professional consumer) tool we’re most excited about comes from Switzerland. The Mira-Skin ultrasound device harnesses the same benefits of a spa device, but in the privacy of your own home with your favorite skincare products.  Research has proven that the body heals three times faster with the help of ultrasound technology, and this medical-grade, stainless steel device, exfoliates dead skin cells, increases cellular metabolism, allows crucial anti-aging ingredients to penetrate barriers for absorption deep below the skin’s surface.  The Mira-Skin starter kit ($349) includes the ultrasound device, a bottle of the Mira-Skin Hyaluronic Serum for hydration, and a Mira-Skin Ultrasound Gel.  It is intended for ten-minute sessions, no more than 2-3 times per week.  We were given the device to try for ourselves and noticed real results in as few as four weeks!



SizeWe’ve heard for years that screen goddess Marilyn Monroe actually wore a US size 8\.  However, today her wardrobe would be replaced with a size 4.  Conversely, Kim Kardashian, typically a size 10, would have worn a size 14 in 1970!  The Daily Mail shared reports from the British Standards Institution (BSI) that size inflation, popularly referred to as vanity sizing, is nothing new.  Every five years the institution publishes its European Guidelines for dress sizing in an effort to achieve “harmonization” among European countries; however, according to a spokesperson, “Most retailers size their clothes according to their customer base, so there can be no true ‘standard’ size no matter what we determine.”

Retail Acumen’s Clare Rayner explains, “The concept means the lady purchasing the garment may feel happy to imagine she is a smaller size and thus will prefer to shop there.”  According to Rayner, this has been going on for “decades,” greatly in response to growing obesity in the United States and abroad.  But another factor is internet shopping.  After all, retailers try to minimize returns based on size.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claims that the average American woman (approximately 166.2 lbs.) today weighs about as much as the average 1960s man.  Good food for thought.