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Several weeks ago, we featured a SWAG Alert with Soft & Dri and asked our Undercover Agents to share their most embarrassing (perspiration) stories.  We’ve all had them, so why not share ‘em?

Kristin recalls a terribly hot day when she was attending elementary school.  Students were complaining that the classroom smelled like hoagies.  ”I could smell it too,” she says.  The smell continued throughout the afternoon until she came home.  ”I was changing out of my uniform and realize I was the hoagie-smelling girl.”  Needless to say, she has worn deodorant since.  Michelle had a similar experience when she served on a jury during an August heatwave.  She overslept and neglected to apply deodorant.  After running from the subway, she arrived at the courthouse only to discover that the air-conditioning was broken.  ”I was suck in a windowless, sweltering room deliberating while praying no one realized the sweatiest, smelliest person was me,” she confesses.

Sometimes, its not the odor that we fear, but the more visible signs.  Nicole confesses, “I was at my daughter’s baptism and I was sweating so badly it had saturated the armpit area of my blouse (which was white) — people were staring at me!”  Kristina was at an outdoor media event when she began to perspire.  Unaware, “I didn’t see it until AFTER the red carpet photos were published,” she cringes.  ”Its still online and haunts me to this day.” Read more of this story »



He is known as the dentist who does beautiful veneers for Hollywood celebrities.  Beverly Hills based dentist, Dr. Kevin Sands is considered one of the top international experts in his field.  But if you don’t want to invest in veneers there are other ways to get a beautiful smile.   “Cut strawberries in half and rub it on your teeth.  Strawberries contain malic acid, which is a natural whitening agent,” explained Dr. Sands.  ”Wear dark lipstick because that makes your teeth look whiter and avoid staining foods such as soy sauce, coffee and tea. Limit your red wine and switch to white as much as you can.”


Rene-Furterer-Repairing_After_Sun_ShampooWith the arrival of summer it’s time to look at must-have beauty products.  The owner of the Beverly Hills based Vida Emanuel Day Spa has just opened the Beauty Lounge.  Vida’s Spa and Beauty Lounge offers manicure and pedicure treatments and now the hottest beauty products too!  Check out her five must-haves for summer:

  1. Rene Furterer’s Repairing After Sun Shampoo and Conditioner and Oil Spray for sun protection.
  2. Epicuren skin care products.  Protein Mist, an enzyme toner that you spray on your face before or after makeup or when your skin is dehydrated, is a refreshing boost.
  3. EMK Placental Botanical light skincare line that hydrates, reduces wrinkles, tones and firms.
  4. LaLicious has a lovely body sugar scrub made of coconut and vanilla, as well as a hydrating butter.
  5. Jane Iredale all natural mineral make up is also perfect to keep your skin looking young and beautiful for summer.