Glamorous gals are taking a page from Gwen Stefani’s playbook and going platinum these days.  Take Kylie Jenner (left) and Sofia Richie (right), who both have adopted the striking look.  Celebrity colorist and Creative Director of goodDYEyoung, Brian O’Connor, is frequently asked by clients to help them attain those uber-blonde locks.  After all, there are so many variables when lightening up one’s natural base color.  He addresses them here with Beauty Undercover!

  • O’Connor tells clients to select the right shade of blonde for their skin tone and eye color.  This ensures that “you’re complementing features not making them harsh.”
  • When starting, try not to go more than 2-3 shades lighter than one’s natural color to avoid brassiness (you know, chick fuzz blonde).  “However, if you have darker hair and want it super light, use purple toned shampoos and conditioners as well as ash based toners or glazes to help cancel out the warmth.”
  • “If you’re bleaching at-home there are always risks involved – with over-processing being the biggest concern. Read the instructions carefully, and follow them to avoid too much damage.”
  • When going for a bright platinum (and not a golden shade), O’Connor says that a conditioning bleach product is a must.  We like goodDYEyoung Lightening Kit  because it contains aloe, rice flour, amino acids and hair Keratin to safely lift color while maintaining its integrity.


emmy-styleThe 68th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards was one of the hottest night’s in Hollywood and its stars were dressed to thrill!  Notable looks were seen (from left to right) on Jill Kargman (Valentino), Priyanka Chopra (Jason Wu), Kirsten Dunst, Sarah Paulson (Prada), and Michelle Dockery (Oscar de la Renta).  But those were not the only wowsers!  Check out Kerry Washington (in Brandon Maxwell) and Emily Ratajkowski (in Zac Posen), whose glam squads share how to attain their glamorous Emmy styles!


 Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Runway Show - Backstage
While closing New York Fashion Week, designer Marc Jacobs decided to add a splash of color (and some controversy) to his campaign, by sending predominantly Caucasian models down the runway, sporting multi-colored dreadlocks.  Redken global creative director, Guido Palau, shared with Harper’s Bazaar that the look was inspired by transgendered director, Lana Wachowski, and “certain types of cultures, like rave culture, club culture, acid house, Boy George and Marilyn.”  As dreadlocks are mainstream in African American culture, the reference was seen by many as exclusionary.
Continuing to defend the aesthetic, Palau shared, “The interesting thing about Marc is how he takes something so street and so raw, and because of the coloration of the hair and the makeup, it becomes a total look,” referring to dreadlocks as, “something that we’ve bypassed on the street.”  However, Palau then said that Jacobs “makes us look at it again in a much more sophisticated and fashionable way,” infuriating many in the African American community who believe that the look was already sophisticated and fashionable.