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Friday, June 29th, 2012

She is a supermodel, business woman, philanthropist,  the wife of director Ed Burns and mother of two!  But Christy Turlington doesn’t look as though she has aged a bit in 20 years.  Can you believe the photo on the right is of the 43-year old back in 1993!



Friday, July 29th, 2011

From man boobs to Julia Roberts’ airbrushing controversy to snail serum … we thought this week deserved a Beauty Wrap, since there were some strange stories.  A strong stomach is a must if you want to try the latest beauty fad.  It seems snail slime is all the rage.  It’s touted as a remedy for acne, scaring and wrinkles.  We are at once both repelled (by snake slime) but excited by the hefty promises and the price of $14.

If you hear some people in the UK are sticking a substance up their nose, it may not be the drug you think.  They’ve put a twist on the spray tan by putting it in the nose rather than the body.  It seems in the UK many people are using something called Ubertan. The product has been attracting hordes of young women — and men — who want a year-round glow without the risk of sunbeds or the mess of  fake tan. Spraying it twice a day in the nose was supposed to produce a golden glow — but there are reports of scary side effects. (more…)