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Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik grace the cover of Vogue’s August cover.  Labeled “part of a new generation embracing gender fluidity,” the couple was shot by Inez and Vinoodh, who were inspired by the gender-bending Virginia Woolf novel, Orlando.  “Orlando had become a woman,” Woolf writes, “but in every other respect, Orlando remained precisely as he had been. The change of sex, though it altered their future, did nothing whatever to alter their identity.”

Hadid and Malik represent millennials who have a blasé attitude towards sexual identification.  They borrow each other’s clothes and blur the line between masculinity and femininity.  Fashion has followed this fluidity.  According to Olivier Rousteing, creative director of Balmain, the new generation does not want to be defined.  “You see boys wearing makeup, girls buying menswear—they are not afraid to be who they are. This category or that category—who cares? They want to define themselves.”


Monday, April 11th, 2016
Beckham Vogue

The latest Photogate comes as editorial images of fashionista, Victoria Beckham, posted on social media over the weekend.  The stylish mother-of-four is seen posing on point, wearing  an oversized white blouse, and minimal makeup.  Beckham, 41, captioned the image, “Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue.”  She even credits photographers Inez and Vinoodh as well as her glam squad, makeup artist, Wendy Rowe, stylist, George Cortina, and hair stylist, Shay Ashual, with the elegant shot.  However, some fans are crying “bad photoshop,” complaining the back of her left thigh appears to be “missing.”

Nevertheless, other images which appear of of the singer-turned-designer in  Vogue China are simply flawless!