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Wednesday, August 9th, 2017
There is no doubt that Rihanna stunned at Barbados’ annual Crop Over Festival this week.  Sporting a pageantry of jewels, feathers, and a teal wig with Aura Experience, the singer certainly dressed to thrill.  However, fans immediately noticed the sixth fingernail on Rihanna’s right hand.  Is it simply a piece of errant thread, as many have alleged?  Or … did she take to dreaded Photoshop to enhance her image?


Monday, April 11th, 2016
Beckham Vogue

The latest Photogate comes as editorial images of fashionista, Victoria Beckham, posted on social media over the weekend.  The stylish mother-of-four is seen posing on point, wearing  an oversized white blouse, and minimal makeup.  Beckham, 41, captioned the image, “Loved working on this shoot for @voguechina May issue.”  She even credits photographers Inez and Vinoodh as well as her glam squad, makeup artist, Wendy Rowe, stylist, George Cortina, and hair stylist, Shay Ashual, with the elegant shot.  However, some fans are crying “bad photoshop,” complaining the back of her left thigh appears to be “missing.”

Nevertheless, other images which appear of of the singer-turned-designer in  Vogue China are simply flawless!



Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

bodiesPsychologists use the term, body image, to describe our internalized sense of what we look like, a mental representation or map of our body, against which we judge our external appearance. For most of us, there is a relatively good match between what we think we look like and how we appear to others.  Manhattan Neuropsychologist, Dr. Sanam Hafeez, elaborates, “To some extent our body image is idealized (based on how we would like to look). It is also based on a mirror image of our actual appearance.”  So where is the disconnect?  “Other people see animated or moving images, whereas we view our own image mainly through photographs or mirrors where our expression is still,” she explains.  Dr. Hafeez understands the perils that gals fall into in our “Instagram, Facebook and Photoshop” society, and shares with Beauty Undercover some tips on how to love ourselves more.

1.    Forget the diet hype. People who constantly diet have a higher risk of developing eating disorders, are more likely to binge eat and cause a domino effect of physical and mental health issues that include depression, irritability, anxiety, digestive problems and metabolic syndrome. Looking and feeling good are common sense. Eating right, regular exercise and sleeping are your weight control keys to success!

2.    Put body image in perspective. Instead of spending so much time obsessing over your outer self – consider focusing your attention on education, hobbies and socializing with your friends. Keeping your mind engaged will help you notice others with the same interests. Working to get fit and healthy is an admirable goal but it should never consume your life. (more…)