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Thursday, October 29th, 2009

EYEBROWIt’s all about the eyebrows.  Just ask brow guru and makeup artist Robert Bolanos who delights editors with his perfectly arched eyebrows and flawless application of makeup.  He is indispensable to countless actors, agents, managers and studio executives. 

Beauty Undercover:  What is your best advice for a tweezer-happy gal?
Robert Bolanos: Tweezer-happy gals need to look or imagine the correct balance of the
eyebrow to frame their own eyes and face shape.  Taking one or two eyebrow hairs from
one side does not mean you do the same to the other side.  Step away and take a look
at what you really might need to tweeze from the other side.  Some times the answer is
none. Always move, on the side of caution. (more…)