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According to legendary makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, a bold red lip isn’t for everyone (including herself and Jennifer Aniston).  The classic red lip evokes the style of Grace Kelly, when paired with minimal makeup elsewhere.  To update the classic, Brown asserts it must be accompanied by the  look of ease — without liner or gloss!

“I am a fan of a true matte finish for long-lasting wear, but make sure the formula isn’t too dry or it will noticeably dry out lips,” she warns. “Apply with a brush and blot! Always check to make sure you have filled in to the inner corner of the mouth and to the end of the lips with out over lining.”  Again, the overall look must appear effortless and pared with a nearly-bare face (minimal blush, black mascara, nude shower, and tailored black liner (on the top lash line only)

If you are still searching for that perfect red, Brown recommends a bright pink or blue red for very pale skin, an orange-red for warmer skin tones, and a browner red for deep skin tones.  “Don’t be afraid to mix your own shade, using two or more of your favorite colors,” she adds.


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It’s something every woman fears: waking up on the day before/of a big holiday party with an unsightly skincare emergency. While a cold sore or an eruption of cystic acne is not “life threatening,” it can still feel like social-suicide. Don’t fret, Dr. Manish Shah, a Denver-based Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and father of daughters, sympathizes and shares some simple solutions.

Problem: Cold Sore

Solution: Dr. Shah offers cortisone injections to patients who want to look better faster. “Very diluted cortisone into the cold sore, this can bring the inflammation down quite rapidly,” he says. If you are afraid of needles, he recommends calling your doctor for a prescription of Valtrex, Famvir, or Acyclovir or the over-the-counter drug, Abreva. If you are unable to make it to the pharmacy, you can try some old-fashioned remedies: Visine, a cold compress, and Tylenol or ibuprofen.

Problem: Allergic Reaction

Solution: The first thing one should do is cease eating/using whatever is causing the allergic reaction. If the reaction happens a few days before an occasion, Dr. Shah recommends using hydrocortisone cream twice a day and taking Allegra, Claritin or Zyrtec which are longer-acting and less-sedating than Benadryl.  Another option is a whole-milk compress for 10 minutes twice a day. However, “If this type of reaction is something you have never experienced before, go immediately to your dermatologist,” says Dr. Shah.

To conceal an allergic reaction, apply hydrocortisone cream and then cover up redness by canceling it out entirely. The opposite of red is green, so apply green-tinted concealer to the red area, which will create a flesh-toned hue. A good quality tinted moisturizer naturally has green/yellow undertones and also provides moisture to dry skin. Read more of this story »


Co-founders of Le Cloud, Leesa Evans & Amy Schumer

Saks OFF 5TH announced the launch of Le Cloud, a ready-to-wear collection of wardrobe essentials for women of all shapes and sizes, designed by celebrity stylist and costume designer, Leesa Evans, in partnership with actress and comedian, Amy Schumer. 30 percent of net proceeds from sales of the collection will be donated to Community Partners, a not-for-profit organization in support of the STYLEFUND project, the duo’s program that aims to empower women from all economic backgrounds, to use clothing to increase their confidence and their success.

“My instinct is to be authentic and to empower women of all ages and sizes to do the same. We are making beautiful, comfortable, and wearable clothing that is accessible to real women. A Le Cloudcustomer will feel confident and powerful when wearing these pieces. We take our product seriously, but not ourselves, and we are thrilled to share this special collection with Saks OFF 5TH customers,” said Amy Schumer, Co-Founder, Le Cloud.

“When designing Le Cloud we approached each style with the goal of creating shapes that make women feel good about themselves, so their unique personalities can shine through. When you find those silhouettes, they become your daily uniform. It’s both an emotional and positive connection to clothing that we’re trying to create through our brand,” said Leesa Evans, Co-Founder, Le Cloud.

Le Cloud was inspired by Amy’s  saying she wanted everything she wears to feel like a cloud. It was said in jest, but made a reality. The line provides effortlessly flattering, comfortable clothing that makes the person wearing them shine. The collection combines Leesa’s flare for styling and years of celebrity dressing experience with Amy’s passion for authenticity and desire to do something good for all women. Each style is created to inspire every type of woman to find clothing that makes her feel beautiful and empowered in her own life.