Now that we are approaching Labor Day Weekend, we are holding tight to any reminders of summer, especially the luscious scents of seasonal botanicals and fragrance.  Softsoap‘s limited-edition Moisturizing Body Washes offer us a return to lemonade stands, afternoon barbecues, long walks on the beach, and poolside festivities!  Seaside Rush captivates us with the refreshing scents of Lily and Bergamot, while Coastal Sunrise invigorates us with the stimulating scent of Citrus Blossom.  Softsoap’s Moisturizing Body Washes offer a luxurious fragrant lather with Shea Butter to hydrate and lock in moisture.  Available at select Walmart stores, these limited edition fragrances will only be around through September, 2018.

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Posting a picture of herself floating in water with the caption, “detox,” we wondered if Kourtney Kardashian was throwing some shade or embarking on a new age therapeutic treatment.  Quickly we learned that floating in a sensory deprivation tank has been practiced and studied since the 1950’s.  Professional athletes (Aly Raisman, Stephen Curry, and JJ Watt are all fans) and Hollywood A-Listers swear by the 60-90 minute treatments, submerged in Epsom salt-rich “flotation pods.” Benefits extend beyond the obvious meditation and mindfulness, and include pain management, stress-relief, improved circulation, and lower blood pressure.  Reality star-turned-lifestyle guru, Lauren Conrad, posts, “Because these flotation suites are soundproof, dark, and full of body-temperature water, they allow you to lie back in the water and unplug, creating the perfect environment for complete relaxation and meditation.”


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According to the American Academy of Dermatology, nearly an estimated 80 million Americans experience some level of hair loss.  Therefore, National Hair Loss Awareness Month effectively shifts the focus on prevention and effective treatments to reduce these startling (and treatable) statistics.  Internationally recognized hair loss expert, Dr.Alan J. Bauman, aka the “Boca Hair Doc,” is our go-to guide for prevention and treatment.  According to Dr. Bauman, awareness and early action are essential in maintaining the health and longevity of our hair.  “It is vital to know hair loss is no longer inevitable, it’s OPTIONAL,” he reassures. “Patients are always relieved to learn that hair loss IS a TREATABLE condition.”


  • A common mistake with detecting hair loss is to rely on the “mirror test” before taking action. This type of visual assessment puts you at a disadvantage because by the time hair loss is visible half of your hair in that area may be already gone. Research shows that most people who have undergone treatment for hair loss wish they started sooner.
  • HairCheck: New measurement and evaluation tools abound. Hair Restoration Physicians MDs can help accurately diagnose, measure and monitor your condition.
  • A family history of hair loss, over-styling and use of harsh chemicals, illness, stress, certain medications, smoking and poor diet can all impact hair health and influence hair loss. Experts advise eliminating as many hair loss risk factors as possible. Read more of this story »