This SWAG Alert is for the prosumer (professional-consumer) in all of us.  Busy Undercover Agents often can’t make it to the salon to attend to their grooming needs.  Waxxxie (also known as Waxaway) has been Australia’s single largest manufacturer of salon professional depilatory waxes and waxing accessories for more than the past thirty years.  The brand’s Aquawax Roll On Kit features easy application with three roller heads for total body waxing.  Using 100% water-soluble, sugar-based, Vegan wax, there is no sticky residue.  Just heat (for no more than 10 second in the microwave), roll-on, and rip off with Waxxxie’s Washable Fabric Strips.  Any additional product can simply be washed away with water.

Waxxxie is offering twenty Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to SWAG its Aquawax Roll On Kit and Washable Fabric Strips (retail $24.50) simply by following them on Instagram (or, if you do not have, liking them on Facebook) and entering through the on-line form here. This SWAG Alert is open to Subscribers 18 years or older with a valid US mailing address only (no PO Boxes please).  Delivery is anticipated within 3-4 weeks from notification.


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A Japanese proverb states that one kind word can warm three winter months. What can also make the cold winter months better is a great skincare routine and your beauty must haves! Our friends at share some winter recommendations

SUN PROTECTION  Stick to your sunscreen. It may be colder, but experts advise that we keep on applying a sunscreen cream on our face even after August. The UV light, however weaker during winter, can still have aging effect.

LIGHTEN UP ON EXFOLIATION  Yes. exfoliating is great to get rid of all the dead skin cells, but be careful if you do it during winter as your skin is more likely to be sensitive due to the cold weather.  An over-solicitous exfoliation can lead to scarring.  Break out the hydrocortisone cream when soothing chapped, scaly skin and the topical antibiotics should the skin break.

COFFEE OR WATER?  Limit your intake of coffee and alcoholic beverages during the winter months. Days become shorter and the sun is not out as long, so you will inevitably feel sleepier. Instead of caffeine, top up with water to feel more energized during your mid-day dip at work. Read more of this story »


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Researchers at the University Center Goettingen in Goettingen, Germany, reported that mice engineered with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease and treated with the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis showed cognitive improvements and a 20% reduction in the brain plaques typically associated with the disease. Dr. Yvonne Bouter and her team presented their findings at the annual  Society for Neuroscience meeting in San Diego, California this week.

Mice who were engineered with the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease were either given synthetic tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or a placebo.  Test subjects were also compared to non-engineered (“healthy”) mice during the six-week study.  Those given synthetic THC performed as well as the healthy group in a memory test and lost fewer brain cells than those given a placebo.

While Bouter believes that “cannabis could be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease,” she does not advise giving it to the elderly prophylactically.  “We did the same experiment in healthy mice,” she said, “and they had problems learning.”