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Brow trends have been changing from season to season. From the strong brow with severe trim and fuller dramatic brow arch to the natural boyish unkept brow and bohemian brow, women have been  request brow shapes that have elements from all four shapes.  The current trend in brows, however, is today a low-maintenance, beautiful natural brow.
“Women want a shape now that follows their real natural brow bone, ” shares celebrity makeup artist, Robert Bolanos.  “No severe or high arches that really change the face.”  He sees a move away from the over-powered and over-stenciled eyebrow which really masks the natural essence of the persons face.  As always, the natural fullness is important, as long as the fullness does not overpower or look heavy on the face.  “This new statement I’m seeing is about being confident and effortless.   Not making-up or filling-in an illusion of the perfect eyebrow with makeup,” he explains.  Bolanos hopes that the current style of makeup (“too much makeup as a mask and too much highlighting and contouring”) soon follows the effortlessness he is seeing in brows.
A popular salon request these days is “no crew cut, please,” which translates to a slight trim or just enough to have the hair perfectly sit in place (without being unruly) after service.  “Clients want to comb the hair in place themselves,” he shares, “and have  the option to comb them in place perfectly or leave them ‘as is’ knowing they look great both ways — without having to use too much products.”  Bolanos also believes that clients are more conscious of time.  “Clients do not even want to spend too much time grooming, period,” he says.  “With the different lifestyles women live, its all about being practical.”
Bolanos shares his advice for achieving a current and low-maintenance groom:
  • Seek a professional that is able to understand what your really looking for.
  • The key is for your brow artist not to go “scissor crazy” on the trim.
  • Follow the natural brow bone shape and add an enhancement to your natural shape without making to much of a dramatic change.
  • Enhance the arch in your brow without making it severe or dramatic.
  • The best tool for upkeep is a brow comb or mascara wand to just comb the hair in place everyday.
  • Go without filling them in or adding gel unless it’s for an event or important pictures.
  • Tweezing in between visits should be kept to a minimum; only remove hairs which obviously don’t belong with the shape.  If in doubt, wait to see your brow professional.


Beautyblender, the Pepto-Bismol pink makeup sponge adored by Undercover Agents everywhere, is now entering the color cosmetics market with Bounce Foundation, a complete range of  long-wear, full-coverage foundation.  Available in 32 shades — seven considered “deep,” with an additional seven in “tan/deep — the line addresses the needs of multicultural women, as it was created by founder, Rea Ann Silva, who, herself, is Latina.  With a “velveteen” matte finish, the vegan and cruelty-free Bounce Foundation is formulated Hyaluronic Acid & Birch Extract, but without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and oils. Retailing for $40, Bounce launches on July 24th at Sephora with more color cosmetics (for eyes, lips, and face) debuting in 2019.


Bauer Media Australia is leading the charge towards a “No Gender Selective Tax” campaign, a major initiative to remove the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from the price of tampons, pads and sanitary items for all Australian women.  The campaign encourages Australians to say “I agree” by signing the petition at

Since the introduction of the GST in 2000, women have been paying tax on tampons. By contrast, condoms and Viagra have always been GST-exempt. Tampons are almost the only essential item that is purchased exclusively by one sex, meaning that the GST on it directly and solely penalizes women.  Bauer’s leading titles have united to promote the need for change, with 36 media brands, including ELLE, The Australian Women’s Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, and Money supporting the campaign.

This is an issue that affects all women, across all demographics, including those in America.  In late 2017 and early 2018, legislators in multiple US states filed bills to eliminate the “tampon tax.”  According to PolitiFact, a fact-checking journalism organization, while most state governments do not designate a special tax for feminine products, most do charge sales tax on them.  Currently Minnesota, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Florida have outlawed the discriminatory tax.   Read more of this story »