photo courtesy of Vaxxen Labs

By Debbie Dragon

The term “body composition” is often considered one of the best indicators of overall help.  It is the percentage of bone, water, muscle, and fat in the body or the ratio or fat mass compared to fat-free mass — and has nothing to do with weight!  Body composition is often confused with other acronyms in fitness, commonly BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). There is a big difference, but each one can be useful when analyzing the other.  The ideal body fat percentage is different for men and women. The best body fat for men and women changes with as, whereas BMI does not. Ideal body fat depends on a number of factors, age, gender, and fitness level. The American Council on Exercise recommends:

Men — Essential fat 2.-5%; Athletes 6.-13%; Fitness 14-17%; Average 18-24%; and Obese 25% or higher

Women — Essential fat 10-13%; Athletes 14-20%; Fitness 21-24%; Average 25-31%; and Obese 32% or higher

Measuring body composition instead of BMI is better for people who have more muscle than others, or who want to gain more muscle. Doctors recommend lowering body fat while building muscle mass.  There are two types of unhealthy Fat Masses (FM), visceral fat and subcutaneous fat.  However, even skinny people can have subcutaneous fat.

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Now that Kerry Washington’s limited-edition Essential Eye and Cheek Palettes have finally arrived in-store at Ulta Beauty, its only a matter of days before the coveted collection sells-out!  Exuding “Confidence, Elegance, and Power,” like the actress herself, Neutrogena X Kerry Washington Essential Palettes work over-time! The 12-hour eyeshadow palette features five blendable, stay-put shades — with names such as Brilliant, Confident, Flirty, Focused, and Powerful — which contain a built-in primer to create crease-less coverage.  The cheek trio offers a buildable bronzer (Grateful), blush (Captivating), and highlighter (Elegant), which are able to double-duty as an eyeshadow and dusting powder.

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photo courtesy of Sen. Tammy Baldwin/Twitter

Coinciding with the launch KOURT X KYLIE on Tuesday, Kourtney Kardashian made a rare appearance on Capitol Hill (with a “C”), advocating for the proposed Personal Care Safety Act empowering the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to investigate chemicals in the cosmetics and personal care space. Partnering with Ken Cook, President of the Environmental Working Group (EWG), Kourtney participated in a morning Q&A with members of the US Senate (pictured, left, with Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin), followed by a closed session with members of the House of Representatives.

Kardashian spoke of the challenges facing new mothers when evaluating ingredients in the marketplace, “As parents, there’s only so much time that we have to research, and we rely on experts, but I think there’s only so much that we can do,” she shared.  “Even going into a store to buy just about anything … you shouldn’t have to walk around aimlessly asking ‘Is this okay?’ ‘Is this not okay?’ Everybody should have the right to healthy products. I do feel like it’s time for Congress to do its job.”