Beauty Undercover is teaming up with the fabulous site, Outblush.com, to give away a  RevitaLash package worth close to $300!   On Outblush they cover everything from fashion to beauty to home to lifestyle.  It is our go-to site for everything cool.

Our joint giveaway features Revitalash, which is intended to make your lashes look longer and thicker.  To win simply go to Outblush at noon PST and leave a comment under the Revitalash post about your best (or worst!) eye makeup story.  You can enter here at any time — simply click this link.

44 Responses to “SWAG ALERT: REVITALASH”

  1. KAREN COGBURN says:

    This would be great. I am blonde & my eyelashes are light in color & slow growing.

  2. Jocie D. says:

    I am not able to find the Revitalash post after simply going onto Outblush. Advice please…

  3. I’m a brunette; but, I have such fine, soft lashes. No mascara will ever make my lashes compliment my mane. They could really beneft from Revitalash.

  4. Comments begin at noon PST — sorry!

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you for clarifying the contest rules. I would love
    to have the opportunity to use this and I follow and
    post at Outbkush regularly. Such a fun site!

  6. bt says:

    Have always wanted to try this! xxx

  7. missannmcd says:

    At 53 my lashes are not as full as they once were for sure. I have been wanting to try this. I use mascara but not every day. My eyes would be irritated if I put mascars on daily. With fuller lashes I could go without mascara and still have better looking lashes. Thanks.

  8. missannmcd says:

    At 53 my lashes are not as full as they once were for sure. I have been wanting to try this. I use mascara but not every day. My eyes would be irritated if I put mascara on daily. With fuller lashes I could go without mascara and still have better looking lashes. Thanks.

  9. I would be so excited to win this! It’s spendy stuff.

  10. Jenn.L says:

    Love to try this!

  11. Jena says:

    I’d be thrilled to use this product — lashes not what they once were…hoping to win!!! Thanks Beauty U.C., Revitalash and Outblush!!! Fingers crossed X

  12. Anita says:

    My lashed could really use a boost….HELP

  13. Amy Kelly says:

    I am a blonde that definitely needs help with my lashes! They’re shorter & lighter than I would like & I’ve been looking for something to make them stand out!

  14. jennifer says:

    I used to wax my own eyebrows. Once I went a little too far and waxed off a chunk of my dark brown brow. I had to color it in for a month. Before a meeting I forgot about my predicament and wiped my face removing my fake drawn on eyebrow and had to run to a drugstore and by a cheapo pencil.

  15. missannmcd says:

    never found the post 🙁 Not sure I like this new way of entering at all!

  16. Brandy says:

    I can’t find the Revitalash post. Am I missing something? I searched for 10 mins.

  17. missannmcd says:

    I looked at at least 6 pages and never found the post!

  18. Joanne A says:

    I ‘ve visited and revisted Outblush and still cannot find the RevitalLash post there–anywhere. Help?

  19. Regina S says:

    In my opinion, Revitalash is the best on the market – I even love the mascara!

  20. Randi G says:

    Wow that was a hard post to find… Looks like a great product. Can’t wait to stop the “clumping” from other products….

  21. Andie S says:

    ..thank you, I hadn’t thought about my experience in many years, I can laugh now…

  22. sydney85 says:

    I would love to try the Revitalash. I have heard great things about this product so would love to try.

  23. Thanks for the contest!

  24. Francine says:

    Thanks for offering this GREAT GIVEAWAY! 🙂

  25. Jena says:

    I’d be thrilled to use this product — lashes not what they once were…hoping to win!!! Thanks Beauty U.C., Revitalash and Outblush!!! Fingers crossed X

  26. Elle says:

    I have heard such great things about this product. Everyone seems to love it. I thank you for the opportunity to win it.

  27. Tammy says:

    What an awesome swag!! *crosses fingers* 😀

  28. Angela Ennis says:

    I couldn’t find the Revitalash post until late today. The rules seemed different. I hope I did it correctly. I’d love to win this great prize.

  29. Diane K. says:

    My worst eyelash story is I wanted to have my eyes look fabulous and decided to have extensions put on and have them look beautiful. I was in the salon for 4 hours. My extensions looked great until the following morning when I wash my face and to my horror, practically every one of my eyelashes had fallen out and I looked horrendous. I panicked and ran to the doctor and lo and behold, I had an allergic reaction to the glue they used on the extensions. Thank goodness they grew back back but it did take about 6 months. Id love to try revitalash.

    Diane K.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  30. Brandy says:

    My worst eye makeup experience was when I stayed at a friends house and borrowed her “Generic” Mascara. The next day my eyes practically swollen shut. Come to find out I had an allergic reaction. 🙁

  31. Michelle says:

    I have looked at this stuff and a similar product at my skin doctors office for months but just can’t afford it for lashes. I have used fake lashes for years because mine are near nonexistant and on top of not having many the ones I do have are blonde. I would love to try this!

  32. Elaine Enochs says:

    I tried a trendy new “wraparound” mascara that was supposed to wrap around lashes and make them longer and thicker. It wasn’t that great, and worst, it wouldn’t come off! I lost so many lashes. Still have a semi bald spot on one eye, so I use a few false lashes when interviewing and such.

  33. Belkys says:

    This looks like a wonderful product

  34. Mamavalveeta03 says:

    A little confused (but that’s nothing new for me): I left my story on Outblush and entered using your form, but am I supposed to leave my story here, too???

  35. Lori Thomas says:

    I have very blonde eyebrows and lashes!! Would love to try this product…….. If only I could see for myself if it works!!

  36. Diane K. says:

    On Tuesday, I had spent the day in the hospital and when I got home, I thought I had 4 minutes to enter this contest. I didn’t realize this contest lasted for a week so I was so panicked, it’s hard to understand what I said in my comment. So, I would like my former comment, which is posted above but makes no sense, wiped out so I can properly try to express what I wanted to say. My worst eye make up story is this: I wanted to look very special for a special event coming up, where family and friends I haven’t seen in a long time would all be gathered. I’ve never had long gorgeous eyelashes and since my hair is red, it’s not easy the seeing whatever lashed I do have so I decided to have my eyebrows shaped and waxed and extensions put on my eyelashes. I spent so much time in the salon, something felt wrong but when I questioned the man who was putting on the extensions, he kept on telling me to relax and that I would look fabulous when he was done. After what seemed like hours, he was finally done and yes, the eyelashes did look fabulous although they felt a bit tight. It also felt like I had something in my eyes, something I just wanted to wipe away. He told me not to touch the eyelashes, not to wash my face until the following morning and everything should be perfect. I listened to his advice so when I awoke the following morning and the tightness I had felt the night before had disappeared, I couldn’t wait to see how they looked. When I went into the bathroom and got my eyes adjusted to the light, I was horrified when I noticed that practically all my eyelashes were gone. I immediately went to the dermatologist who told me I had an allergic reaction to the glue. That in combination with the sheer amount of volume of eyelashes the clinician had put on caused my eyelashes to fall out. He gave me some medication and said that the eyelashes SHOULD grow back, although he made no promises. It took about 6 months but yes, they finally did grow back, lucky for me. We all take these treatments like eyelash extensions so lightly but so many bad things can go wrong even with the best clinicians and best products. I’ve been dying to win revitalash in every competition you run because I have tried this product when it first came on the market and it did produce incredible results. However because of the price, I haven’t been able to continue with it. This product is, in my opinion, the best eyelash serum ever created and I would love the opportunity to win theses products in this contest. Good luck to all and thank you to Beauty Undercover, Revitalash and Outlash for making this giveaway possible.


    Diane K.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  37. Maria says:

    This would be awesome.

  38. donna kryszczak says:

    I swear since I turned 50 I have hair growing in all kinds of weird places. Then I notice it must be the hair from the normal places,ie: head, brows, and yeh even my lashes. They were always very thick, didnt even use mascara much, just a touch of vaseline & a curler. So my theory is I’m not losing hair, it,s just moving to places like my upper lip, lol. I would love to try Revitalash, no way can I afford to buy it. Renewing my vows in Sept. after 30 yrs, think it’d be really nice to look a little like I did 1st time around. Thanks.

  39. Lori Testy says:

    My worst episode was when I went to an amusement park years ago and I went on a water ride. I had make-up on and colored mousse in my hair. After the ride I was wet and the mousse was dripping out of my hair all over me and my mascara was also dripping down my face. By boyfriend says are you ok,your bleeding. Needless to say I wasn’t bleeding, it was just the colored mousse all over me making me look a total hot mess!

  40. Bobbie J Crippen says:

    My eyelashes are so sparse they are hardly noticeable even with MANY coats of mascara and turning side ways holding a magnifying glass to them in full light. SERIOUSLY….. I have to say that I am very self conscious about being seen with out make up! I didn’t plan on going out one day so I just gave my face a break from make up and moisturized well and that was all just fine till I received a call from the hospital that my son was in an accident and of course I went running out the door. It wasn’t until several people had ask me if I was OK, and after I had found out that my son was ok and would be fine that I went to the bathroom and took a look in the mirror and realized I was naked faced.!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAARG! I do look ill and pale without make up. So my worst make up experience was a NO make up experience.

  41. Agi says:

    My worst eyelash story is when I applied my eyemake and thought I looked great-vome to find out I rubbed one eye was completely off-no make-up on one eye! YIKES

  42. Lucero says:

    This looks like a awesome product.

  43. Dina says:

    Wow!! I need this.Ever noticed that guys tend to have better eye lashes than the girls.Sucks doesnt it?!

  44. Tri moc toc says:

    Tri moc toc…

    […]SWAG ALERT: REVITALASH | Beauty Undercover[…]…

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