Today’s SWAG Alert is also being hosted by Michelle Phan, one of our favorite beauty gurus.  Its only befitting that we’re giving away one of our favorite prosumer (professional consumer) beauty tools with her, The Silk’n Flash&Go.  This innovative light-based device provides a permanent solution to unwanted hair on the face and body — all in the privacy of your own home!  The Flash&Go’s high-tech applicator head allows you to properly target each area, making treatments quick and virtually painless.

One lucky Beauty Undercover Subscriber will have the opportunity to win a Silk’n Flash&Go valued at $299 simply by liking them on Facebook and entering here.  This SWAG Alert will remain open through 9pm on Sunday, July 22nd.

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  1. MathProf says:

    Have never tried this type of hair removal. Thanks for the chance to win a Silk’n Flash&Go!!

  2. 1955nurse says:

    I HATE shaving because of the nicks & cuts, plus I have ALOT of facial hair on the sides of my face (worse since Menopause!) & I’m constantly trying to remove it, but it just grows back sooo fast! I really NEED this…. Thanks for the chance!

  3. VOGIRL98 says:

    I hate shaving because it just makes the hair grow back even faster ! Plus, its realy incovenient for me sometimes… Plus, we don’t get to buy these stuff in Malaysia and my parents don’t allow me to buy things online :/ I really hope I can win it. I’ve never won anything like this and I really wanna try it and hope it can help me 🙂 Thanks for having this giveaway. :))

  4. Lisa says:

    I hate shaving because I have neurological issues that make holding a razor as well as lifting my leg to shave quite difficult. It is one battle that I would love to abandon and use my energy for something more fun!

  5. ashley says:

    this product sounds like the answer to my shaving prayers! I love where technology is going! it’s truly amazing to be able to do something like this in the privacy of your own home!

  6. Laurel Klem says:

    Would love to win the Flash & Go, sounds like a dream come true for women every where.

  7. Pat Wilson says:

    I am always looking for ways to lose the hair. This seems that this is something most of us would like. Now a more modern way. No waxing!! No shaving!!! Sure would love to win. With no job, I can’t afford to buy one.

  8. Kammi says:

    Since I am Okinawan, I am pretty hairy so hair grows fast when I shave. People say I look like monkey. >,<

  9. Cecilia says:

    I get itchy after shaving

  10. Ruth says:

    With as many years as I have been shaving, I am exited to see a new products showing up for better ways to shave. Thanks!

  11. LIsa says:

    I also hate waxing/shaving and this sounds like a great alternation. I just need to win!!

  12. ashley says:

    I hate shaving for lots of different reasons. My hair grows back very fast after i shave i can feel stuble after just a couple hours. I also hate it because i have sensitive skin and get bumps easily from shaving even if i use shaving cream. and also because im always spending money on venus razors and it gets expensive! I’ve also tried wax but its too messy and difficult to use. This would be great to win!!! 🙂

  13. Kimberly says:

    I hate shaving due to how often I have to shave.

  14. Marta says:

    i hate shaving legs because its hurts me a lot, ofter i get cut and after shaving i suffer seriously iching -awfull! 🙁

  15. Jenny says:

    Shaving is the worst! My friend has the Flash & Go and raves about it. She started seeing results just after a couple of treatments. I am definitely going to invest in one of the devices, I hate shaving!

  16. Hey Jenny…does your friend have to do any repeat treatments with her Flash & Go to get rid of the hair permanently? Looks like a great product as long as it works!

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