Bruce Jenner: Did he or didn’t he?


  1. Atilav says:

    Thats as actually his mom

  2. April says:

    Of course he did, more than once. It was even an episode of KUWTK

  3. KAREN COGBURN says:

    Once again someone going way overboard. That entire family is soooo fake. Self-adsorbed & selfish rules their lives. All ugly & disgusting.

  4. SandyB says:

    Oh, he did years ago. Who knows why — he was always handsome, even pretty. Perhaps he felt pressure to stay that way. It’s always better to take good care of yourself and age gracefully, because you’ll never escape the inevitable.

  5. Darlene says:

    C’mon you know he did if Kris had anything to say about it!

  6. Valerie C. says:

    I wish he had better results.

  7. kristin says:

    yes totally – he looks so weird and he needs to take the earrings out it makes it look 10x worse,

  8. Virginia says:

    He looked so awesome before he started messing with his face. Sad that he felt he needed plastic surgery.

  9. Shelagh Mayhew says:

    Too bad a lot of nice looking men resorted to the plastic all you can get menu. They all look terrible and if nothing is told to their faces by honest people they will keep on trying to get the looks they had in their 30’s. I think that Kenny Rogers is a perfect example of what not to do to you face, also for any other men out there that are thinking that they can achieve their youthful appearance please note that no one is being fooled except the fools themselves that take to the knife to regain what has been lost with true age. Age gracefully and with dignity and no one will laugh at you. Do things like this and people will be stunned and not in a good way !!

  10. Jen says:

    Of course he did! They based an entire episode of their show around it.

    Here is a link to it:

  11. dixie says:

    That nose looks suspiciously like Michael Jackson’s super narrow awful result – maybe the same plastic surgeon ruined both of them? That would be Dr. H who used to practice in Santa Monica off Arizona Street.!

  12. Deborah Curran says:

    I think the correct question is – how many times did he? He looks so feminine now. SAD

  13. ShericeJ says:

    I think so

  14. Jena says:

    Yup, I’m sure he did!

  15. Dana says:

    Wow! It even look like he had a nose job to make it smaller! Why???? He was so good looking!

  16. Dauthority says:

    What a bunch of mean spirited, unpleasant, nasty freaks you are.

  17. Lennia says:

    1st off the only person who made a “mean spirited, unpleasant, nasty” comment was YOU. I read all the comments & they all were in answer to the question posed by the article – did he or didn’t he. Some then went on to further explain why they felt he had & gave their opinions on how the end result looked to them.

    2nd this is America & as of 07/09/12, we as its citizens are still able to exercise our rights to freedom of speech; even you have the protected right to say what you did. However, if you can’t take opinions being expressed, don’t come on a blog website that gives & solicits opinions.

    3rd your “mean spirited, unpleasant, nasty freak” comment was quite harsh, abrasive, & highly defensive. Are you related to this family? Hey, wait a minute is this Kris, or Khole, or Kim?

    And lastly

    4th WHO TF MADE YOU “Dauthority” on policing what others say? That’s not rhetorical, I see that your name is Dauthority so I’m seriously asking “WHO TF MADE YOU Dauthority”?

  18. Lennia says:

    And now to make sure I didn’t commit the same web-sin as I stated Dauthority did in my 1st opening statement, I will leave a comment on this article that pertains to and is in direct answer to the question posed by the article.

    Hell frigging yes he did and he looks like a complete frigging idiot now. He could easily pass for his own wax figure at Madame Tussad’s famous museum. He was handsome before he let his pure vanity & narcissism overtake him.

    So yes Beauty Undercover, in response to the question you posed in this article; he did!

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