As if single girls don’t have it tough enough…now it seems the solar system is messing with the process too!  If you’ve noticed your love life is stuck in neutral, Libby Patterson says, “You can chalk it up to Venus and Mercury.”  The perfume doctor and astrolger has made a name for herself by creating a scent that apparently spices up ones love life. These days business is booming with her scent called Black Gold which has a number of ingredients including: Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose, Water Lily Absolute..

In a recent Sykpe call, Patterson, our resident astrologer and master perfumer explained  just how hard it has been for lovers, while Venus (love) is still in the shadow, and Mercury (communication) is in retrograde.  Maybe a little black gold will do the trick with ingredients including sucha as Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose and Water Lily Absolute.
BLACK GOLD starts at $35.  Also, look in the top right corner for your August astrology.
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