It’s not quite a Britney, but Miley Cyrus is certainly keeping fans on their toes with her new hairstyle.  The former Disney princess appears keen to prove that being a fiancée to Liam Hemsworth does not mean she will be hanging up her microphone and rocking an apron with an army of little ones. Instead, the 19-year-old has chopped off her locks in favor of an edgy shaved undercut. Read more.


5 Responses to “MILEY CYRUS CUTS IT OFF”

  1. Christine A, says:

    It does not bring out her best features. Crossing Courtney Love meets Britney Spears in the street with an umbrella and a cigarette.

  2. Lisa Brown says:

    She definately wanted to do something totally different. Good for her, take a chance. She can always grow it back.

  3. denise kravitz says:

    This is so not a disnsey face anymore. but hey if this is the style she thinks looks good on HER face then who am I to say what gives….. i just wouldn’t do it……

  4. Liz says:

    I love it!

  5. Kat says:

    I think if it was a little darker, it would look perfect. I WISH I could pull off that cut. I absolutely love it. She has the face for it, but anything that drastic is going to take a little while to get used to.

    What I’m tired of is the people saying she is too skinny. She is going to pilates classes almost every single day lately and her body looks amazing. She is toned and lean. She looks extremely healthy and I wish I had her dedication because she has killer legs now.

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