Ryan Lochte walked away from the 2012 London Olympics with more than just a  couple of Olympic Medals. The American swimmer also took home a set of razors  from his sponsor Gilette.  Of course, these aren’t your average razors. Ryan Lochte’s razors are gold  plated and diamond encrusted.  Lochte posted a picture of the gift on Twitter, writing:

“U gotta hand it to @Gillette for getting me my own personally gold plated  and diamond encrusted razor. #jeah.”

Some people might think that a diamond encrusted, gold plated razor is a  little over the top, but Lochte showed during the 2012 London Olympics that he’s  a big fan of the bling. The American swimmer caused a little bit of controversy  last week when he stepped out onto the deck of the pool with an American flag  grill covering his teeth.  Read more.

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