Does she look better? Do we really need to ask about the tanning mom?  Patricia Krentcil and her ultra-bronzed skin tone made headlines around the globe following
accusations that she had taken her six-year-old daughter into a tanning booth with her.
Now, after a month abstaining from her sunbed habit, the New Jersey mother-of-five has revealed a faired new look in the new issue of In TouchAlthough the 44-year-old says everyone thinks her less tan look is an improvement, the stay-at-home mother said: ‘I feel weird and pale.’   Really? Read more.

10 Responses to “TAN MOM: BETTER OR WORSE?”

  1. Shannon M says:

    OMG!! She looks MUCH better!

  2. RedRose says:

    She looks 1000% better!!!

  3. Jennifer S. says:

    She’s actually very pretty, looks about 25 years younger and it is a 100% improvement.

  4. lauren says:

    She looks so much better now! She’s still tan but not to the point where its scary. It’s sad that she thinks she looks better before though.

  5. Lennia says:

    She looked exactly like the old woman who was Cameron Diaz’s friend in There’s Something About Mary but worse. She looked like she was in her mid 70s before when she was burned to a crisp like charred pork skin & now because of all the damage she’s done to her skin, she looks like she’s in her mid 70s. I see no improvement at all, just a whiter version. Her skin is horrendous for skin of a 44 year old but it looks right on par for skin of a 70 year old.

  6. Janet Schmidt says:

    She looks better without the tan, but, she has a long way to go to improve her skin. The first pictures that came out of her scared me! I think she still looks 15 – 20 years older than her age and she should probably invest the money she spent on tanning on a little time with a dermatologist and work on repairing all that damage.

  7. S Turner says:

    How can she feel wierd? She looks like a human now. That pic of her with overtanned skin made her look like a freak. Or a leather chair. ; ) . She should get some proffessional help to make her realize that she doesn’t need to tan.

  8. Lori says:

    Too much of anything is bad! She looked horrible before. I know a lady that looks like that and she looks truely fake! A little tan is nice, but too much is way toooo much!!!!

  9. mon says:

    Soorry! But what an improvement since we’ve last seen her!
    So much yunger!!!!

  10. Judy Allen says:

    I hope she is using a good moisture cream for her skin, it’s going to need it!

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