The latest exercise import to hit the US is something called IOBELLA.  It’s an innovative body-shaping spa exclusively for women that provides customized programs to help clients trim, slim and define their bodies naturally.   The company uses a unique method that combines private training in temperature-controlled pods with spa services to assist with losing weight and inches.




  1. Diane Brewington says:

    Amazing workout with a fast paced pilates style workout. A “natural liposuction” in exercise physiology!! After only a few minutes into the workout, the sweat is dripping off of you!! I have been a certified exercise instructor, personal trainer with degrees in Naturopathic medicine since 1997 and this workout is unique and effective! Along with diet, and the other services IOBELLA has to offer along with this exercise program, there is no reason any woman anywhere can not have the body she wants if she follows this program! My greatest and best recommendations for IOBELLA! The spa itself is a beautiful, one of a kind spa in beautiful Santa Monica. Check it out you will not be disappointed.

  2. Christine A. says:

    Wow!!!! So going this November & trying it out.Can’t wait.

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