Would you consider having cosmetic surgery to make your toes look better in shoes? An increasing number of people are having toe shortening surgery in order to make their tootsies look better in heels.  Although toe shortening surgery is performed to help people whose toes rub together uncomfortably or who find it difficult to find shoes that fit, many people are now going under the knife to make their feet look prettier.  Toe shortening surgery takes around 15 minutes per toe to perform. It is most commonly performed on the 2nd and 3rd toes, although any toe can be operated on.



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  1. Elaine says:

    This is so frightening! But then, I’m still dealing with residual pain after 3 yrs (no small matter in a foot, when you walk on it, exercise on it, stand on it, etc) from 2 surgeries following an injury at work. It’s a nightmare.
    I cant imagine having elective surgery and the chance of chronic foot pain just for shorter toes.
    Is it me? Or do people have too much money and too much time?

  2. Bev Eagen says:

    This is a HORRIFYING trend. Honestly, if you have such problems with how your feet look that you are considering COSMETIC SURGERY for your toes, well then, your problems are likely better treated by a psychiatrist than a surgeon. What a sad world we live in that people would consider elective surgery on feet to improve their looks. Don’t mess with your feet folks. Foot pain is life long and will alter anything you attempt to do.

  3. Christine A. says:

    No Way. Granted we are all not blessed with great feet, but to mess with DNA like that, no way. Agree with Elaine, some ladies have too much money and time to burn. They should donate to the needy and then perhaps do a pedicure Pay it Forward to a hard working gal. This trend is scary as are most surgical augmentations.

  4. RedRose says:

    I applaud the comments of Elaine and Bev above! Foot problems are not funny and surgery is risky. How narcissistic have women become? If you have the money for the aforementioned surgery, give it to people who are hurting, please.

  5. Melissa says:

    This crosses the line from beauty into mental illness! Wow.

  6. Hoku says:

    I would so not even think about doing something like that… In the long run your toes would have issues from the surgery… joints n all… I’ll pass!

  7. Maria says:

    No. I love my sexy feet. They are huge and I have long toes but I don’t care. If my shoes don’t fit, I’m buying new shoes. I’m not going to amputate parts of my toes just so some trendy shoe fits.

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