Why should men always get the latest and greatest travel kits?  Thanks to our friends at SOHO Beauty, we women can ditch the zip-locks and travel with chic, affordable, accessories!  The brand’s Spring/Summer 2014 Twisted Tribe Collection features six fashionable pieces, ranging from the Weekender, Nail Bag, and Women’s Dopp, to the Cosmetic Box, Purse Kit, and Pencil Case.  Reasonably priced between $8.99 and $24.99, each bag comes with the signature hot pink, stain-resistant, SOHO lining, giving you a clean getaway from accidental product spills.  What we like most about the Dopp Kit, however, is the clever handle that allows us to save some counter-space by leaving it hanging.

SOHO Beauty is offering forty-eight Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to win a Women’s Dopp Kit (retail $14.99) simply by liking them on Facebook and entering here.   This SWAG Alert us open to US mailing addresses only.  Shipping is anticipated within 4 weeks.


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  1. onegreatsmile says:

    The entry form is giving a 404 message (10:20AM EST)

  2. Verlene says:

    Same here; it is still giving a 404 message.

  3. Please refresh your browser — thanks!

  4. Christina G says:

    I’m still getting the 404 error – refreshed browser, cleared cache, and tried another browser too.

  5. onegreatsmile says:

    The entry form is working now. SoHo has some great designs! Thanks!

  6. monica says:

    Thank you Beauty Undercover and SOHO for the opportunity to win!

  7. bfaajs says:

    Thanks for a great swag….

  8. cindy c says:

    great idea

  9. SavannahSeana says:

    Absolutely too cool to pass up 🙂

  10. Verlene says:

    It is working now; thank you.

  11. Valerie C. says:

    Such a happy pattern! Thanks for the chance <3

  12. ashley says:

    Just in time for spring break travel! What a fun bag ~ thank you for the opp! Fingers crossed!

  13. Diane K. says:

    Liked their facebook page. What a terrific make up bag. Beautiful and practical too. Good luck to all.

    Diane K.
    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  14. Denise kravitz says:

    Looks awesome and now really no zip lock baggies!,, hope I get this swag!

  15. wanda Allen says:

    Already a Facebook fan…entered this would be a nice one

  16. Great bright colors! FUN!

  17. love these! thanks for the opp 🙂

  18. Cynthia says:

    Thank you for this contest. Fingers crossed.

  19. Terrie K. says:

    Great for our new spring cosmetics! Thanks!

  20. Diane Miller says:

    liked and thanks for this wonderful Giveaway

  21. Diane Miller says:

    Liked Thanks for the wonderful Giveaway

  22. Brandy says:

    I Love that it has a stain-resistant lining for all those spills and accidents. I need a few of these and can think of many uses for them. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. Lori says:

    I entered. Hope to win! Nice bag.

  24. Carole says:

    These bags are gorgeous!

  25. Dyane C. says:

    Tribe is trending again! Love the tribe with a striped outfit. I entered!

  26. Lora Nowak says:

    Thank you so much Beauty Undercover & Soho Beauty Brand 🙂 I was so excited to see that I am 1 of the lucky winners 🙂 I will put my dopp to good use!!


    Well there is a snipe alert too and for 10.00 and this can be 8 ..well I dont know as i am confused at what
    is a score and snipe.? Can a snipe alert actually be a computer generated grab bag ,.too ??

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