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Kudos to Em Ford, the UK blogger from My Pale Skin, for empowering women of all ages suffering with acne.  “It’s one of those dreaded things that makes you feel so bad every time you look in the mirror, and it’s safe to say that I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights over it,” she blogs.  Her transformative tutorials have reached millions of viewers eager to conceal their blemishes with budget-friendly, drugstore brands.  But it is her revealing film, You Look Disgusting, that captured our attention (and respect!).  Em, you ARE beautiful.  Thank you for sharing that beauty with all of us!

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  1. Terrie says:

    Wow! Moving video. Acne sucks, but sometimes people suck even more. She is the same person with or without makeup. To put herself out there and share her struggle to help others is a brave, wonderful and caring thing to do.

  2. I do hope she can get help to clear up her skin. I freak out with one or two pimples. I cannot imagine how hard or frustrating it is.
    Even with make-up to “hide” the acne there’s still a different skin texture.
    I am amazed it’s only on her face. I’d think it’s also be on her chest and shoulders, etc.
    Makes me wonder if some of it is caused by the make-up, the brushes, coming into contact with her hair, etc.
    Either way it sucks. And yes, she’s beautiful.

  3. sosomoto says:

    This short film is more important to me than most of the social justice pieces I have ever seen. As one of the many people in the grips of body dysmorphic disorder, I so admire how well this film exposes – so beautifully – how both women & men in our time have an over-exaggerated sense of the importance as to how we appear externally, as well as how vehemently and ruthlessly we judge others. We have become so focused on the most shallow aspects of ourselves – regardless of character – that we have become despicable to ourselves. So much so that we become terribly angry when we see anyone who reminds us of what we are or fear we might become. I am so moved and inspired by the bravery and talent with which Ms. Ford has directed her own journey respecting appearance and, conversely, sickened by the reactions of others. I will hold fast to the inspiration, and let go of all else negative. Thank you again, Ms. Ford & BU, for bringing this stunning piece to us all!

  4. RedRose says:

    I cannot express myself as well as “Sosomoto” does above, but I concur! Ms. Ford and Beauty Undercover should be commended for exposing a multi-layered social/perception problem, not just a skin and cosmetic issue. This is brave. This is good.

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