Signature FacialLet’s face it, lotions and potions are great at getting us this far, while laser treatments go the distance, but are terribly pricey.  So what’s a gal to do during the summer when she just can’t take any more?  Contrary to popular thought, her best bet is a summer facial peel!

Recently we discovered the “Signature Peel” at The Face Bar in Los Angeles.  The proprietary treatment is the brainchild of  Beverly Hills celebrity esthetician, Tricia Dikes, and the result of her 19 years of experience (combined with some very cool tricks-of-the-trade picked up from some of Beverly Hills’ leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists — were not “naming names,” but there the good ones!).  It is quick, intense, effective, and affordable ($69!).

The Face Bar Signature Peel targets fine lines, uneven skin tone, sun damage and Melasma.  Beginning with a vitamin cocktail steam to open the pores, it is followed by some light extractions.  Next is a rather uncomfortable sea enzyme/acid blend exfoliation to remove bacteria and the top layers of the skin.  While we call it uncomfortable, others have referred to it as “being rubbed with shards of glass.”  The acid peel, a mixture of Kojic, Lactic, and TCA acids to resurface and brighten skin, follows.  Had enough?  Wait, here comes “the goods”: a cold collagen roller, to tighten and add elasticity to the skin, and a soothing mist of Echo 2 Pure Oxygen, fortified with 87 vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids.  The grande finale, though, is the actual peel: a customized compounded, orange-tinted, cream-based acid, which must remain on the face for eight hours.  Beware:  you will look like an Umpah-Lumpah (no matter what anyone tells you) from the moment it is applied until you remove it eight hours later

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