We started hearing about Slow Food in the early 1990s.  The movement was first promoted as an alternative to fast food, seeking to preserve traditional and regional cuisines, while encouraging sustainable farming within local ecosystems.  Today, we are experiencing a similar revolution in beauty.  Why?  According to Shel Pink, founder of  SpaRitual, we are living in a time where beauty, health, and wellness are now intersecting.  A lifelong practitioner of mindfulness and meditation, Pink experienced a Satori moment (or “seeing into one’s true nature” in Zen) nearly six years ago, and named her lifestyle, Slow Beauty.

The Slow Beauty Movement is the “antithesis of the fast-paced world of the beauty industry that sells us immediate results and invasive options.”  It takes beauty to a more authentic and personalized level, while embracing enlightenment and holistic rituals.  “This convergence supports our need for sustainable self-care in a fast world that shows no signs of slowing down,” shares Pink. “We are going deeper, identifying resources from within to strengthen and become more resilient, and empower ourselves to act more powerfully on behalf of our self, others and the world.”  And like the Slow Food  movement, we just need to slow down in beauty.

SpaRitual provides spa treatment products and resources to help design and sustain a Slow Beauty Practice.  Its body care products are made with vegan ingredients, many of which are Certified Organic and Fair Trade.  Its Four States of Slow Beauty, contains signature scents and color palettes to create a multisensory experience: Close Your Eyes, Look Inside, Instinctual, and Infinitely Loving.

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