We always ask the question, did she or didn’t she?  But according to celebrity makeup artist, Joyce Bonelli, “I’ve given Khloe [Kardashian] the best nose job for eight years with contour. No, she didn’t, it’s just makeup,” she reveals in a New York Magazine interview.  The Kardashian/Jenner family makeup artist pioneered the contoured, monochromatic look which once defined its women. “I like to stay very neutral,” she explains.  “I don’t even like that much blush. I usually like more bronzer for blush and to keep it more monochromatic.”

But change is good …”I remember doing a brown-chocolate eyeliner on Khloé for the Kim and Kanye week-of-wedding soirees. This is something that was around in the ‘90s. I was obsessed with it then and had dark matte lips on all the time. People would be like, You look like you have shit on your lips. Now it’s become major. So you go through phases.”

Now Bonelli is working on her own cosmetics line expected to be released before Christmas.  Based on the “ritual of beauty for a woman,” the collection is intended to be small, with Joyce’s selecting the “best of the best” in beauty.  “I’m not selling a thousand different things, it’s just a few things that I love. I’m excited. It’s really perfect.”


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