The modern-day selfie-set is tired of looking so sexy, sultry, sophisticated, overdone, and over-plumped, as they often present as symptoms aging.  Many are opting for a sweeter look.  Turning to plastic surgeons for “Dimpleplasty,” it is believed to be the ultimate rejuvenation treatment.  From check to chin, the outpatient procedure is in high-demand, as a “punctuated” smile with dimples is believed to relay a more youthful appearance.  “We are seeing more and more patients (men and women) who are looking to frame their smile with dimples to get that effect they were not born with in one simple session,” said Dr. Gabriel Chiu, founder of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery.  “My patients often reference Jennifer Garner, Fergie and Demi Lovato for their dimples in the same way women often wanted the Cindy Crawford mole or Angelina Jolie lips,” he shares.

Yet, the procedure is not exclusively for women; even men are demanding dimples.  While Dimpleplasty is most commonly performed on the cheeks, it is also used to create a cleft chin.  “It is something that is distinctive and memorable and makes your face more unique,” observes Chiu.  “There was time people wanted to fill in the defect (especially for the cleft chin on women and even at times men), but now with Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck being examples of leading looks in Hollywood, the trend for clefts and dimples has cycled and it is high in demand.”

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