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While we’re experiencing winter storms and cold weather, is now a good time for a peel?  According to Ronda Nofal, skin care expert and founder of Blue Medi Spa, the celebrity-haunt located in the San Fernando Valley, The optimal time (for a peel) is usually about 8 weeks or 2 skin cycles after heightened sun exposure or end of your summer tan.  While cellular damage is of course cumulative over decades, the skin undergoes a full turnover cycle about every 28 days taking with it some of the upper pigments carrying cells with the ‘tan’ and unfortunately unveiling deeper areas of hyper pigmentation and more permanent discoloration and damage,” she said.  Ideally Nofal recommends doing a peel in November, when days are shorter and the weather is cooler “helping ensure you don’t reignite the damage that was just peeled away.”​  But now?  Sure, if you are not headed to a beach location or another warm-weather destination within the next two months!

Which kind of peel is best?  Nofal recommends a peel featuring that the new, hot ingredient glutathione, an amino acid which serves as a powerful antioxidant, fighting free radicals, and reversing the visible signs of aging.  Nofal has created the Perfect Derma Peel, a dynamic blend infused with glutathione to address damage caused by sun exposure, turning back the clock and making it glow.  New to market, a 20-30 minute application removes years of damage.  Within 36-48 hours the actual peeling begins and lasts for five to seven days.

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