Today more than 37 million American’s are affected by migraines; 2 to 3 million of those suffer from chronic migraine pain.  While a well-executed facelift can make a person look and feel younger, did you know that the same surgery can help reduce migraines? According to Dr. Adam Hamawy, a double board-certified plastic surgeon in Princeton, New Jersey, “One of the secondary benefits of having a surgical browlift is if you have chronic migraines, it may get rid of them as well.”

Dr. Hamawy explains that one of the nerves which triggers severe migraines travels through the forehead by way of the corrugator muscle.  “This is the muscle that helps you frown and causes the 11 lines we treat with Botox,” he shares.  Note:  the FDA approved Botox to treat migraines in 2010.  “When you relax the corrugator with Botox or release surgically in a Browlift, this relieves the pressure on the trigger nerve ( the supraorbital nerve in this case) and reduces or eliminates those bad migraines.”   Yet, the benefits of Botox typically wear off in three months and, in most cases, the headaches return.

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  1. Susan Gillam says:

    I have chronic everyday headaches and migraines and I tried Botox twice for it. It was horrible!! I was in more pain with the Botox because of my face being frozen, and you have to wait for it to wear off so that you can go back to “normal”. So, for me it was terrible.

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