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Equinox unveiled a study led by researchers at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA linking behavioral sleep coaching to wide-ranging exercise performance benefits. A first in clinical research, the findings indicate that sleep coaching has the power to impact athletic performance, and specifically suggest that guided sessions enable subjects to increase aerobic performance, decrease body fat percentage and increase endurance.  “The results of our trial are unequivocal,” said Jennifer Martin, clinical phycologist, Associate Adjunct Professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA and member of the Equinox Health Advisory Board. “Sleep has been the missing part of the health and wellness conversation for decades and we’re proud to shed light on a topic that many people can benefit from.”

Participants in the study who received sleep coaching demonstrated improvements in regards to the following physical performance measurements when compared to a control group:

    • Aerobic performance improved significantly. VO2 Max increased 14.1% compared to the control group which improved 7.7%.
    • Metabolic threshold improved 29.8% in the sleep coaching group compared to 16.2% in the control group. In other words, subjects saw improvements in their ability to exercise for longer periods, at higher intensities to burn calories more efficiently.
    • The percentage of maximum oxygen uptake at which metabolic threshold occurred increased by 13.2% in the SC group compared to 9.0% in the control group, circulating more oxygen and allowing them to burn more calories.
    • Body composition also improved for both groups, with greater improvement amongst the SC group. Body fat percentage decreased 17.2% in the SC group compared to a 7.1% in the control group.

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