South Korean (SoKo) skincare and beauty have been all the rage the past few years and just like the K-pop music phenomenon, it shows no sign of decline. Here BeautyPress lays out some of the trends inspired by the truly innovative skincare fad coming all the way from South Korea.

ANTI-POLLUTION SUPERHEROES  Products geared towards combating pollution have been HUGE in 2018! Koreans know that protecting the skin’s outer barrier is key to having beautiful, blemish- free skin and we’ve been seeing entire skincare ranges packed with powerful ingredients that promise to sooth and repair skin damaged by airborne pollutants, free radicals and other environmental nasties.  These complete product ranges from many of our fave cult SoKo brands offer everything from cleansers and toners to barrier creams, recovery gels, toning mists and more.

Look for: specially formulated anti-pollution complexes and pH-neutral products that will not compromise your skin’s natural protective barrier.

NEXT GEN MASKS   Masks have always been a cornerstone of South Korean skincare with an ever- evolving range of sheet masks as well as fancy bubbling oxygen masks, black peel off and moisturizing masks being marketed every day.  In 2018 the face mask craze continues as strongly as ever, and we see that brands offer many variations of ingredients and types of mask application which can be tailored to every customer’s liking.

Look for: innovative new formulations for every skin type; add-on ampoules containing just one star ingredient to address your individual skincare needs.

ON THE GO SKINCARE  We carry our makeup around for quick touch-ups throughout the day – why not our skincare? That’s the thinking behind the latest trend we’ve seen coming out of SoKo with many of our favorite skincare brands rolling out downsized versions of their star products.  These products are packed full of anti-oxidants and all-natural ingredients specially selected for their ability to counter free radicals, pollution and other environmental stressors our skin faces on a daily basis. The result: “cloudless skin” – a Korean term for skin as bright and blemish-less as a clear summer sky!  Simply throw them into your handbag or stash them in your desk drawer a quick post-lunch revival.

Look for: anti-pollution barrier mists, toning sticks and other products in sizes that will pass through airport security with no problem at all!

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  1. Linda says:

    Korean beauty products and regime has made such a difference in my skin. I am now such a big fan of double cleansing and essence! And don’t even get me started on snail serum

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