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By Zoe Moon

We enlisted the help of the astrologer Zoe Moon to find out what we all have in store for November!

We start the month with URANUS RETROGRADING back into ARIES for the last time on the 6thand this turn-around of energy is our cue to take a look at where we are on a personal or physical level. We’ve had Uranus in Aries for 7 years doing his part to shake us out of any stagnation that may have occurred to our being. It’s been a time of sudden changes that brought about a new look at our own identity and may have impacted our bodies, names, titles, image, brand, or other personal situations. Then, on May 15ththis year Uranus exited Aries to move into Taurus and we’ve all been experiencing the sudden changes and excitement connected to purchases, income, values, and possessions. So, this month, on the 6th, Uranus goes back into Aries for the last time where he will tour until March 6thnext year. At that point he will exit this sign not to return for another 84 years so it is an important period of focus on who we are and what is going on with our bodies, images, brand, name, title, and personal needs. Watch the days after this shift for clues as to what you still have to do in the reinvention of yourself and look to releasing, rekindling or reworking something while the Retrograde is in effect.

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