Defined by its dynamic moisturizers for 50 years, Estēe Lauder company, Clinique, is launching its latest concept on December 1, Clinique iD.  The custom-fit hydration system pairs one of the brand’s signature Dramatically Different moisturizers (lotion, hydrating jelly, or oil-free gel) with unique formulas (below) to address concerns ranging from irritation and uneven texture to uneven skin tone, fatigue, and lines and wrinkles.  The formula is housed in a cartridge, submerged in the moisture-base.  Both ingredients will deploy simultaneously to provide a custom hydration experience.

Each bottle of Clinique iD will retail for $39 and can be customized to one of fifteen formulas.  Unique ingredients include alpha hydroxy acids for retexturizing, taurine for reinvigoration, lactobacillus ferment for calming, Japanese angelica root extract for brightening, and whey protein for smoothing and plumping.

Speaking exclusively with WWD, senior vice president of global marketing, Julien Moignard, detailed the uniqueness of the system.  “The viscosity of the products inside are so different.  You can have a very thick juice for the moisturizer when the cartridge, the liquid inside is like water. There is no texture, it’s pure active ingredient,” he shared, adding, “So when you are designing a pump system — 90 percent of the base and 10 percent of the cartridge — when they have viscosities that are so dramatically different, this is where the nightmare is coming.”


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