This SWAG Alert is for the prosumer (professional-consumer) in all of us.  Busy Undercover Agents often can’t make it to the salon to attend to their grooming needs.  Waxxxie (also known as Waxaway) has been Australia’s single largest manufacturer of salon professional depilatory waxes and waxing accessories for more than the past thirty years.  The brand’s Aquawax Roll On Kit features easy application with three roller heads for total body waxing.  Using 100% water-soluble, sugar-based, Vegan wax, there is no sticky residue.  Just heat (for no more than 10 second in the microwave), roll-on, and rip off with Waxxxie’s Washable Fabric Strips.  Any additional product can simply be washed away with water.

Waxxxie is offering twenty Beauty Undercover Subscribers an opportunity to SWAG its Aquawax Roll On Kit and Washable Fabric Strips (retail $24.50) simply by following them on Instagram (or, if you do not have, liking them on Facebook) and entering through the on-line form here. This SWAG Alert is open to Subscribers 18 years or older with a valid US mailing address only (no PO Boxes please).  Delivery is anticipated within 3-4 weeks from notification.

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  1. alex b says:

    I definitely need Waxxie for when I get too busy this time of the year! Thank you, Beauty Undercover!

  2. Adrian R says:

    Roll on waxing is such a great idea. I have never been able to master any of the other methods.

  3. Cathy B says:

    WOW… so happy to see this. Years ago I learned about how to make your own wax with sugar… but, wow, was it messy. Like many women of all ages, we want to do what is best for our skin, not just the fastest. Have tried SO many different brands, and been so unhappy, that I have gone back to shaving. Would be great to be able to review this brand! Love that it is Vegan and Roll On! ( and with 3 different roller heads! ) Following on instagram.

  4. Wanda A. says:

    I would love to try this method since none of the others seem to work for me. Thank you

  5. Lisa Smith says:

    Would love to try this product. I have never used a roll on before.

  6. Tara Tennis says:

    cannot wait to try this

  7. Cathy B says:

    Team Beautyundercover… Posted a comment today after reading the alert… as well as following Waxaway… but nothing showing up. Should I recomment? There was another comment here also.

  8. Cathy B says:

    Thanks for replying Beauty Undercover Team!

  9. Cindy S says:

    Would love to try this!!

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