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By Zoe Moon

We enlisted the help of the astrologer Zoe Moon to find out what we all have in store for December!

The first week of December you are dealing with Mercury Retrograde influencing loans, insurance, taxes, investments, or other financial interests, as well as your sex life, reproductive needs, divorce issues, any life or death situations, or third-party matters. So, focus on your do-over, do you need to let someone or something go, do you need to return to a past person, idea or situation, do you need to slow down in your current situation and figure something out? Double check your data and take care of any mix-ups, malfunctioning gadgets or shifting stories until Mercury goes Direct on the 6th, ending this phase and readying you to start to move forward with or without certain situations depending on what you figured out. HEADS UP: In the midst of this, the U.S. birth chart is being triggered starting on Dec 4th– 9th with Mercury Retrograde activating the chart’s Pluto and progressed Moon, ruler of Pluto’s domain (finances/banks, power, death, destruction, sex, and third-party scenarios) and country, while Uranus is putting pressure on the same in it’s final Retrograde to square the chart’s Pluto and oppose the Progressed Moon, while the Karmic South Node passes over Pluto in the birth chart denoting loss or karmic rebalancing of sorts over these topics for the country. There is also the placement of this Karmic Node in Capricorn that brings in Capricorn’s themes of leadership, corporations, countries, career, authority figures, or personal goals in the mix. So, this denotes a time to be extremely vigilant of your surroundings and conscious of your choices, pay attention to what is shifting around you. Hopefully there isn’t some kind of financial or physical attack to contend with but the energy would support such a thing so you should be using your gifts of LIGHT to counteract it, if enough of us do so it may help, just do everything within your power to express love in all you do, pray for peace, act out peaceful steps in your days.

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