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Its hard to believe, but there is no fixed definition for the term mineral cosmetics. This can hide many different products that contain minerals in various forms and proportions – from dry powder based on minerals to shampoo with marine minerals.  For some it stands for “Mineral Makeup,” a cosmetic based on minerals that are extracted from the soil and then crushed. Others refer to care products with a certain mineral content. These can range from specific minerals such as Dead Sea salts to semi-precious stones.

In the case of make-up in particular, proponents emphasize that these are completely natural; however, this can only apply to loose powders (not cream powder, liquid foundation, lipstick, etc.).  A consequence is the additives such as preservatives, oils, waxes, petrochemicals, dyes, and fragrances.  One has to look more deeply at the teaching of the composition. Mineral-based minerals USA and UK are only referred to mineral cosmetics with a mineral content of 3% or more.  The setting of a minimum content of minerals is therefore questionable. Other ingredients, including those for restoring or protecting the hydro lipid film, must also be considered.

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