Venus is heading into Sagittarius on the 7thand will travel here the rest of the month and into January next year. Her presence here is about going bigger or being more adventurous or generous when it comes to love or women, income or beauty interests. Venus may help to smooth out some of your Sagittarius interests or attract these things to it and overall should bring more enjoyment here. Sage topics are; legal, travel, educational, media, marketing, wedding, religious, or political matters, so look for the love or income flow here, involve the women or make it about beauty! By the 13thJupiter will square Neptune and this is a background story that will be pushing us along this year until Sept 21st. In fact, Jan. 13this pass #1, June 16this pass #2 and Sept 21stis pass #3 of this square. Squares are frictional alignments, back between 2015-2017 we had Saturn square Neptune for the first time since the witch hunts of the late 1600’s and now Jupiter is stepping into that story to bring law or media, education or travel, foreign or distant matters, marketing or advertising, philosophy or religion, or dare we say politics into the fray. There is something going on behind the scenes, in secret or private, with development, research, investigations, perhaps something deceptive or inspired, artistic or romantic, spiritual or magical, karmic or past life, institutional or addictive, and the square is putting a frictional edge between these two lists, expect to see something here playing out in your life as well as on the world stage.

By the 20ththe Sun heads into Aquarius, kicking off a 30-day cycle here and this should be great for getting us to show up and get more involved in charitable causes, with friends, online, with group activities, at gatherings, in pursuit of aspirations, into our astrological interests, pursuing freedom, or finding our vision and getting inventive with original projects. Mercury joins this story starting on the 24thso at this point you may find it is easier to get the interview or audition or that more invitations are coming in, you can make decisions, field offers, talk or meet, sign agreements, make sales, write, take short trips, or share ideas here.

Finally, between the 20th-21stwe have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo so things are building in the week before this and we are seeing something peak in a big way regarding love or lovers, creative projects or interests, recreational pursuits, or the children. You may be eclipsing out an old version of things or something that holds you back in these areas or the situation itself or you may be celebrating something spectacular or achieving a goal you’ve been after in one of these areas. Note with Eclipses you can experience the situation 4-5 days either side of the peak period or 1 month before or after the date so it can extend the emotional context of what is going on.

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