Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

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No matter, if you are an edgy girl or classy lady, there are easy ways to make ethereal light hues work for you. This season they make their comeback, and just like crayons on white paper, they leave their cheerful mark in the make-up and beauty products. From mint greens to yellow sorbet, here’s how to make color work this season…

Candy Crush  We associate colors, smells and imagery with past experiences. What do pastels remind you of? From scoffing sherbet sweets to doodling in coloring in books, your childhood memories can be recreated (albeit a little more sophisticated!) by playing with the tools in our makeup bag. To put a spin on the everyday eye makeup, what about using a pastel colored eyeliner?  Milky pastels are best paired with a neutral foundation base, soft pinky cheeks and rosy lips. The colors of eyeliner choice are endless – vary from pale yellow, green, light pink to baby blue. Draw it is in the crease of the lid to convey a more whimsical look or opt for a chic cat eye.  To accentuate the eyes and make the color pop, apply an eyelash extension serumand a black mascara (or even a contrasting color to your pastel eyeliner if you’refeeling quirky). If you can’t get enough of the pastels, add some holographictopper to your eyelids…you’ll look out of this world!

How To Nail The Pastel Look?  And the pastel party doesn’t stop there – the candy cotton trend is perfect for every lover of matte, milky shades of nail varnish – and it suits everyone frompale to darker skin types, meaning there’s no excuses for your mani not to look marvelous!  Asides from painting your nails with just one block color, there are tons of nail designs that implement pastels. For instance, the classic French mani has undergone a slight twist this season – instead of a white tip, paint your nails with a pastel toned varnish. Better yet, on a clean base or neutral nail polish, draw on pastel stripes using a thinner brush or a specific nail kit for the perfect, precise designs on your nail canvas.  The colorful mosaic of creamy hues is a great way to round off summer and make the transition to darker matt colors in fall.



Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

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For the first time in nearly 20 years — since the 1999 launch of J’Adore — the house of Dior will debut a new fragrance.  According to a LVMH press release, the new scent, created by François Demachy, is “an unprecedented fragrance and a powerful universe which marks the beginning of a new era for fragrance at the house of Dior.”  Brand ambassador, actress Jennifer Lawrence, 27, who has worked with the French fashion label since 2012, will serve as the face of its marketing campaign.


Tuesday, June 19th, 2018

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Since January we’ve been bombarded with ads urging us to slim down and “get your body in shape by summer.” While some women manage to meet their weight loss goals in time to feel confident in their swimsuit, the majority of us do not.  We can often disguise unwanted pounds under heavy layers during winter; yet, our summer wardrobes are rather unforgiving. We turned to Dr. Sanam Hafeez, a New York City=based neuropsychologist and Teaching Faculty Member at the prestigious Columbia University Teacher’s College, to give us some tips on how to boost body image despite the number on the scale.

RECOGNIZE (AND STOP) THE “FAT TALK”  “Women are notorious for commiserating when it comes to body image,” says Dr. Hafeez. “If a woman says, ‘I’m so fat,’ the other woman might feel like she has to say ‘no, I’m the fat one.’ ‘Have you seen my thighs?’”
Then there’s this back and forth over whose body is worse to elevate the other person. “Even women who don’t feel negatively about their bodies will engage in this behavior and eventually, it can make them feel worse,” says Dr. Hafeez. Dr. Hafeez suggests taking the lead in offering compliments to friends and steering the conversation away from negative self-talk which serves no one.

DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO THE “INSTA THIN”  Comparing your “booty” or thighs to the countless fitness influencers on Instagram will do nothing to bolster your self-image. Instead, follow and like beautiful photos of healthy foods, plated and perfect. “You want to encourage well-being not get yourself down by comparing yourself to women who work out with trainers, are significantly younger and whose livelihood it is to be a swimsuit model. Comparison leads to discouragement,” warns Hafeez.

FOCUS ON IMPROVEMENT   When it comes to your body, focusing on what you think is a problem area is just going to make you feel worse. Once you’ve acknowledged what you want to work on, focus on ways to improve and celebrate what you’ve accomplished so far. “If you haven’t reached your fitness goal understand it is a work in progress. Stick with it. Working out will also raise your endorphins which help to induce feelings of pleasure and reduce anxiety naturally,” says Dr. Hafeez. (more…)