Sunday, December 30th, 2018

The idea of “getting your beauty sleep” may sound old fashioned—something your grandma might have said to your mom, an old wives’ tale to get little girls to go to bed. But modern science is 100 percent on Grandma’s side. Beauty sleep is as real as it gets.

It all has to do with the hormones the brain excretes—and those it suppresses—during sleep. Though REM sleep is widely known as the brain’s magic elixir, Stages 3 and 4, known as deep non-REM sleep, are when the human growth hormone is produced, which is a major agent for keeping skin healthy. Growth hormone is so good at repairing and restoring skin that getting injections of it has become a Hollywood fad. But what celebrities spend thousands of dollars at their local plastic surgeon, you can get for free with an excellent night of sleep. (more…)


Tuesday, December 25th, 2018
image courtesy of Simplicity Cosmetics

Its hard to believe, but there is no fixed definition for the term mineral cosmetics. This can hide many different products that contain minerals in various forms and proportions – from dry powder based on minerals to shampoo with marine minerals.  For some it stands for “Mineral Makeup,” a cosmetic based on minerals that are extracted from the soil and then crushed. Others refer to care products with a certain mineral content. These can range from specific minerals such as Dead Sea salts to semi-precious stones.

In the case of make-up in particular, proponents emphasize that these are completely natural; however, this can only apply to loose powders (not cream powder, liquid foundation, lipstick, etc.).  A consequence is the additives such as preservatives, oils, waxes, petrochemicals, dyes, and fragrances.  One has to look more deeply at the teaching of the composition. Mineral-based minerals USA and UK are only referred to mineral cosmetics with a mineral content of 3% or more.  The setting of a minimum content of minerals is therefore questionable. Other ingredients, including those for restoring or protecting the hydro lipid film, must also be considered.



Sunday, December 23rd, 2018

One of 2018’s biggest trends was activated charcoal beauty products.  We have enjoyed charcoal soaps. masks, shampoos and even facial sponges.  Leave it to the folks at the number one dentist-recommended brand, Colgate, to launch a new line of toothpastes featuring this trending ingredient!  Colgate Essentials with Charcoal contains micro-polishers to gently remove stains and impurities for whiter teeth, while its cooling mint flavor freshens breath. The Colgate Essentials Daily Toothbrush + Toothpaste With Charcoal features a charcoal-infused, tapered bristled toothbrush to provides deep and gentle cleaning along the gum line.

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