Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Today Sephora launches its all-new collection of #Lipstories Lipsticks, a ten “chapter” library of forty luscious lip lacquers celebrating “the wild adventures, best moments, and magical memories” of life — not just the craftily-lit Insta-moments.  Themes include Holidaze (rich and cozy), Global Citizen (envy-provoking), Lady Business (bold color), Hashtag Throwback (nostalgic shades), Wifed Up (lady-like romance), Spring Break State of Mind (tropical), Brunch Days (daytime casual), Top Down Life (wild times), Festival Vibes (rocker-chic), and Pool O’Clock (bright and summery).   The brilliantly packaged (and environmentally-conscious) cardboard tubes run $8 apiece and come in creams, mattes, and metallics. 



Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Nothing defines the holiday season more than dressing up in festive cocktail dresses with our favorite strappy stilettos.  Dr. Liza Egbogah BSc, DC, DOMP, a leading body and posture expert based in Toronto, cautions women to take care of their feet while wearing high heels.  Heels alter the position of the body placing more weight on the balls of the feet, thereby shortening the calf muscles, over stretching the ligaments to the front of the knee, tightening the hip flexor muscles, and placing more pressure on the lower back.  “Consistently wearing high heels can lead to the formation of bunions, ankle sprains, knee injuries, hip and lower back pain,” she shares.  Here Dr. Egbogah offers seven ways to keep you happy in your heels.

  • Soak the feet in Epsom salt:Epsom salt can help relieve muscle tension and joint stiffness that can be caused by wearing high heels,” said Dr. Egbogah. “By improving circulation, they can also reduce inflammation in aching feet.” She recommends a soak in a combination of warm water, Epsom salts, and peppermint or lavender essential oils for 20 minutes.
  • Choose high heels with a chunkier heel: These types of high heels are safer than stilettos because you’re more stable and don’t need to overuse your muscles to create stability.
  • Place cushioning or orthotics inside your shoes: This helps to distribute your weight more evenly.
  • Buy shoes made of natural materials: Natural materials, like leather, conform to your foot and stretch throughout the day in response to the changing size of your feet. It also allows your feet to breathe.
  • Choose a shoe with a rubber grip: A sole with a rubber grip prevents you from slipping while you walk in the heels.
  • Limit your heel height: Ideally, women should wear a heel height of three inches or less, or a 4-inch heel with a 1-inch platform. Platforms reduce the pitch of the shoe so less pressure is placed on the balls of your feet.
  • Be conscious of your posture: Center your weight in your arches while walking, and rest your weight in the heel while standing to help prevent injury.


Tuesday, December 12th, 2017
There is no question that Kylie Cosmetics has taken the makeup industry by storm.  However, the brand appears to be entering some choppy waters with its $360 Silver Series Brush Collection, which launches on Wednesday.  Jenner was forced to defended herself against fans appalled by the pricing of the collection as well as it animal content on Twitter, “Real brushes don’t compare to synthetic brushes.  Different performance/quality/ everything,” adding, “I am 100% down to do an entire synthetic line in the future which will ultimately be cheaper.”  She also felt to compare it to other designer brushes.  Does Kylie protest too much?