Famous Faces


Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

No matter our politics, most of us regarded Barbara Bush as a true First Lady.  The wife of one president and the mother of another, Mrs. Bush’s beauty was always defined by her honesty and generosity.  With no fillers, Botox, or plastic surgery to enhance her natural beauty, she rarely went out without a colorful lip and a beautiful smile. The Washington Post referred to her as “the antithesis of of glamour and excess,” saying, “She endeared herself to many with her droll frankness, boasting about her trademark triple-strand faux pearls and joking about her prematurely white hair.”

An early advocate for AIDS awareness (during a time in which the disease was horribly stigmatized), family literacy, and racial equality, Mrs. Bush was a pioneer in many issues.  Bill Clinton called her “a remarkable woman.”  “She showed us what an honest, vibrant, full life looks like,” he said, adding, “Hillary and I mourn her passing and bless her memory.”  Barbara Pierce Bush passed away on Tuesday, April 17th at the age of 92.


Monday, April 16th, 2018

Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend’s back … her first fragrance, Boyfriend, is returning after a three-year hiatus, pre-selling on Tuesday on-line.  Launched in 2010 on HSN, the actress’s signature scent became a Sephora staple.  After a secondary scent, Billionaire Boyfriend, fared less-successfully, Walsh decided to take a break — until Digital Media Management reached out, inquiring about a relaunch of the brand.  The new incarnation of Boyfriend has a direct-to-consumer business model, with plans to expand to bath and bodycare.  Boyfriend will retail for $22 and $65.



Monday, April 16th, 2018


Queen Bey gave fans a royal performance at the Coachella Music Festival on Saturday night.  The 26-song extravaganza (dubbed “Beychella”) featured a marching band — complete with majorettes and back-up dancers, high-profile guest appearances (Destiny’s Child, Jay-Z, and Solange Knowles), wardrobe changes (courtesy of Balmain), and even polish changes.  Naturally Beyoncé turned to L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist, Sir John, to help create her signature looks.  Here we take you through his step-by-step!

Sir John began by focusing on eyes. For Beyoncé’s shadow he utilized a warm, matte terracotta shadow as the base shade. He then mixed two loose glitters together – one in a copper color and the other in an iridescent purple – and placed on the ball of her eyes.   Next, he used a black liner on top and a MAC coffee-colored Eye Pencil on the bottom lashes. He prefers to do this black/brown liner combo because the coffee brown helps to bring in some softness to the eye, whereas black liner on the bottom sometimes weighs the eye down.  For Beyoncé’s lashes, Sir John wanted to give her a super feathery, voluminous look. He first curled the lashes to give them a lift and then applied generous coats of his go-to mascara, L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise.