Horoscope: Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)


September brings more energy to your power zone which rules sex, finances, birth, death, divorce, and triangles in life. This commences with Mercury’s arrival on the 5ththrough the 21st. This period will open up talks and meetings, agreements and sales, writing and interviews, offers and decisions, that are about one or more of these topics. Get out there locally or head out on a short trip for a sexual romp or to tackle the loan, pay the insurance, deal with taxes, meet with the divorce attorney, you get the idea. You then have a New Moon on the 9thwhich opens up a 2-week window that can help you garner momentum from your actions focused on sexual attractions, reproduction, divorce, taking care of needs associated with a death or birth, or making it about loans, debt, inheritance, bankruptcy, insurance, alimony, child support, or other financial needs. This is about starting something brand new or taking current interests to the next level.

You’ve had two of the big influences in a holding pattern or getting you to look back over past situations for months now when it comes to any 12thhouse matters: art, film, music, poetry, dance, prayer, meditation, yoga, magic, psychic abilities, romantic interests, karmic matters, addictions, deceptions, secrets, bad habits, hospitals, other institutions, investigations, or research. This month both Saturn and Pluto are coming out of that long slumber and do-over to start to move forward again, helping you do the same. First, Saturn goes Direct on the 6thonward which gets you back to being serious, ambitious, responsible, or seeking out authority types, making it about goals, career, structures that support, limits, endings, or long term commitments in the situation. Then, on the 30th, Pluto goes Direct and you start to feel like moving into that next chapter sexually, reproductively, with triangles, divorce, financial matters, or dealing with a death or birth in the situation. So it’s time to get real, make changes, move forward or move on.

Venus is taking up residence in your zone of career, status, fame, personal goals, and authority figures starting on the 9thonward. She may just help you enjoy what is going on in these areas more now or she may attract love or income via your goals or career or that authority figure. Women may benefit the same or bring a chance for fame or you may find beauty is key to your goals now. Overall, Venus in this area should help you sparkle a bit more and attract better things while enjoying the spotlight. Now for the serious side of this equation; on Oct 5thVenus will Retrograde so the things you are moving forward with now with her will either slow down or you will delve in deeper to figure something out or you will see an exit occur or you will return to someone or something from the past about her influence in Oct and Nov, so keep it in mind, take your time, more will be revealed.

The 3rdof 3 Jupiter/Pluto alignments perfects on the 12thbringing the last big opportunity between them of the year and perhaps one last big open door for you. Jupiter is about those goals, career interests, authority figures, your status, or fame, and how any travel, legal, media, marketing, educational, wedding, ceremonial, religious, or political themes might enhance growth for you here. Pluto is about the artistic, spiritual, romantic, institutional, or research themes and how sexual, reproductive, mortality, divorce, financial, or third-party interests are evolving the situation. The two are working together now so find your way and enjoy!

Mars moves into Aquarius on the 10thgiving you a definite boost in personal or physical energy. Mars is about passion and anger and motivation and action so you are possibly feeling a bit of all of this or gathering it all up for one big push in one of these areas but it’s about you. Time to show up and do it, focus on your needs or make it about your body, image, brand, name, title, or desires. The only caveat here is the potential to be too dynamic or to be so geared up with Mars energy that you are a bit more accident prone so look before you leap.

The last week of the month should get you interested in a trip or person at a distance or perhaps you are expanding your horizons through education, politics, religion, law, or media. Look at partners, reps, specialists, clients, or other key players in the story and get busy. Mercury arrives here on the 21stonward which helps you with talks, meetings, agreements, sales, writing, interviews, or decisions about these themes. The Sun enters on the 22ndonward to put a spotlight on you in the mix, get you to show up and get more personally or physically involved and make it about your needs as you do so.

Finally, there is a Full Moon on the 24thwhich brings something to a head with a brothers or sister or neighbor, or is about something culminating with a vehicle, short trip, local activity, or the electronics, or it could be something is climaxing with an agreement, sale, interview, offer, talk, meeting, or decision now. This is about wrapping things up, marking endings, achieving, having breakthroughs, or celebrating in these areas.

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