Horoscope: Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)


Happy New Year Aquarius! My predictions for you in the year 2019 are that there may be life-changing situations unfolding in your 12thhouse this year. That means your life could become transformed by what arrives, ends, evolves, and empowers you in art, film, music, poetry, dance, or other artistic mediums or interests, a romantic tryst, getaway, clandestine affair, or karmic past-life union, your prayer, meditation, yoga, magical interests, or psychic abilities, what’s going on at spas, hospitals, retreats, or other institutions, investigations, dealing with addictions or bad habits, secrets or deceptions, or the research and development you get into. The Karmic South Node is working to rebalance karma in these areas, perhaps help you let go of something or see a past life soul return to connect in one of these areas of life. Saturn is working here to get you to master some next level of proficiency, take the lead, tackle responsibilities, structure things that support you, make some finite endings or long-term commitments about it, or get more ambitious. Pluto is working here throughout the year to help you purge, deconstruct and rebirth things, dig deeper into them, look at the financial or sexual needs in the equation, connect beyond the veil to the other side, or evolve a situation in some powerful way. And finally, there will be 3 Eclipses in these areas throughout the year! These will mean some big wrap-ups or endings and some major new opportunities or next level potential so plan on a lot of your focus to be on these topics. You are also embarking on some really exciting new chapter on the home front, with family, parents, roommates, moves, renovations, or real estate deals this March that will be in play through the year 2026. It’s a time to go with changes, try out new things, be innovative, involve friends, groups, gatherings, the internet, or more social outlets here, and to pursue your aspirations here. Mid-year you should get a pretty powerful boost forward with your work or health interests. This can also mean new or next level opportunities with co-workers, hired help, paperwork, cleaning, organizing, or animals, so plan accordingly. Jupiter will be doing his part to bring growth through friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, personal aspirations, and original projects and that is a great thing in so far that you don’t get this kind of potential but once every 12 years. However, this will be in square to Neptune all year so you’ll have to balance it with what is going on with income needs, purchases, possessions, or products. Finally, there is an Eclipse in January on the 21stthat is about something reaching a pinnacle with a partner, client, specialist, agent, attorney, competitor, opponent, or advocate so pay attention to what this feels like for you. It may be about breakthroughs, wrapping up something, an ending, achievement, or celebration, but whichever way it goes it will be pointing to something about your relationships for the rest of the year!

Now, let’s look at January! There is a lot kicking in from the get-go this month with those artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, or research interests. This begins with Mercury arriving here on the 4thand traveling over these topics until the 24th. That gives you a good, strong 20 days to get into talks or meetings, write or interview, focus on agreements or sales, get out there locally or on short trips, or make some decisions about these interests. A New Moon Solar Eclipse arrives in the same territory on the 5thwhich gives you a super powerful push forward with these art, film, music, poetry, prayer, meditation, yoga, magical, psychic, hospital, spa, retreat, other institutional, investigational, or research matters. You can eclipse out what may have been blocking growth and either start something brand new here or take some current interest to the next level. There is also a major background story going on all year with these artistic, romantic, spiritual, institutional, and research matters. Saturn is linking to Neptune forming an opportunity alignment between them that is pretty sweet. Saturn will be felt building to this first alignment all month and it will peak on the 30th, the 2ndalignment will come in June on the 18thand the final alignment on Nov 8th, so you have over 10 months of these power houses working to help you. Saturn wants you to get serious, make commitments or end what no longer works, structure support, tackle responsibilities, take the lead, or get ambitious about it, while Neptune is opening up potential for you to feel more valued or align things with your evolving values or to make something in that list of things jive with your income, purchases, possessions, or products. So, pay attention to what is going on near this date to see what you can be doing the rest of the year with it.

You also have lots going on socially this month. Venus arrives in this territory on the 7thonward so this starts the ball rolling with friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, or your personal aspirations or original projects. Her presence here the rest of the month can help you focus on love or income here or make it about women or beauty interests. It can also mean you are smoothing out issues, attracting more pleasure and enjoying yourself in these areas of life. Jupiter is also here doing his part to bring growth for you but he is going to be at odds with Neptune throughout the year about it. So, when Jupiter wants you to go big with friends or these other social interests or wants you to focus on the travel, distant, legal, educational, media, marketing, wedding, religious, or political themes with them, Neptune will be there making you look at your needs to earn money, make purchases, deal with possessions, or focus on your products. A good example would be a friend at a distance who invites you to their wedding which would entail purchasing plane tickets and dealing with being away from your income obligations for a bit, or perhaps you have a new webpage you put up but are having to haggle out legal matters with how you promote or take charges or deal with copyrights, etc, but there are a lot of examples above, see what fits for you. Then, pay attention to what is coming up here around the 13thfor clues as to what might be in play the rest of the year about it, with peaks on June 16thand Sept 21stas well.

The Sun pours into your sign on the 20thand will be touring through Aquarius for the next 30 days. This puts a spotlight on you, helps you stand out, shine in situations, take the lead, or make things more about you. It’s a good time to focus on your body, image, brand, name, title, or personal needs, as well as to get out and about, be seen and pursue your objectives. Mercury will join this tour on the 24thonward which will then bring more potential for you to get into talks, meet with others, sign agreements, focus on sales, write, interview, field offers, propose, or make decisions that are aimed at your needs or impact your name, title, image, brand, or body.

Finally, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs between the 20th-21stthis month and as I noted above in my yearly overview for you, it is important as to what will be going on for you with a romantic partner, business partner, the clients, a specialist, your agents or attorneys, the competitors or opponents, or an advocate in your life. At this point you may be celebrating something with or about them, wrapping up something you’ve been doing together, end the relationship itself, have a breakthrough or aha moment, or achieve a goal you’ve been striving for together. Eclipses can be event oriented in the 4-5 days before or after the peak, on the peak, or one month to the day before or after, so watch these timeframes. Also note what is happening now is about getting you in the direction you need to go for your year in relationship.

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