Horoscope: Aquarius (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)


Since 2011 your ruler, Uranus, has been working his inventive, sudden-change, genius, radical influence on your mind and this has lead to some sudden decisions, a period of breaking free and reinventing yourself via choices, talks, meetings, moves, writing, short trips, agreements, sales, proposals, interviews, and what you’ve engaged in with siblings, neighbors, vehicles, electronics, or local activities. It’s been a once-in-a-lifetime cycle that has been awakening and exciting but not always stable and sometimes downright shocking. In April this year you got a bit of a break from it but on the 6thof this month Uranus is back for the last chapter that will wrap by March 6thnext year. Once he moves out of this territory in March he won’t return for another 84 years so look for those brilliant ideas, ask yourself what you still need to write, sign, sell, or choose, and look at any of these other areas for ideas that would breath fresh life into the situation or help you make changes while you have this energy here to shake it up.

Destiny and Karma pick back up from where they left off back between the Spring of 2000 and the Fall of 2001, and before that, where they took you between the Fall of 1981 and the Spring of 1983. This begins on the 6thand will last for a year and a half. Destiny will point towards work, co-workers, hired help, paperwork, organizing, cleaning, health, pets, or the details. Look for opportunities to pursue your destiny here. Karma will point towards art, film, music, poetry, or other artistic pursuits, clandestine romance or romantic getaways, prayer, yoga, meditation, magic, or psychic interests, secrets, deceptions, investigations, or research, hospitals, spas, retreats, or other institutions, or dealing with bad habits or addictions.  This may be a period of letting go, rebalancing Karma or past life souls returning over these themes to reconnect.

The New Moon on the 7thopens up your best 2 week window of the year to launch into that next thing with your career, reputation, fame, personal goals, or dealings with authority figures like a boss, parent, judge, mentor, or other higher-up. Be proactive but remember there’s still lots of personal planetary energy in flux so you may benefit from past or ongoing scenarios as a way forward.

Now for the big news, Jupiter is moving into his own sign, Sagittarius, a sign that works well with your sign, and he will tour here over the next year in an effort to open things up, bring more happiness or prosperity, or more adventure. This area of life is about your aspirations and original projects, as well as about your friends, groups, the internet, astrology, charities, gatherings, or causes. So it looks like getting social or pursuing your dreams is on tap. Think about how the things Jupiter rules could help you; travel, people at a distance, legal, educational, media, marketing, wedding, ceremonial, religious, or political outlets. For some perspective, Jupiter last toured here between Nov 2006-Dec 2007, before that from Dec 1994-Jan 1996 and before that from Dec 1982-Jan 1984, what opened up in your world?

To keep it interesting this month, you start to get this boost of expansive energy with these social and aspirational areas of life and then on the 16thMercury Retrogrades in the same territory. So, over the next 3 and a half weeks things will slow down and you will either get a chance to take some time off as a friend is called away or the group is taking a hiatus or the internet is down or some other such thing, or you will get a chance to delve into what you already have going with some of these areas of life and really work something out or you will start to see opportunities from the past returning as you run into old friends or go back to old groups, get into an old internet site or attend a gathering where the past is returning, as well as reactivating old original projects or aspirations to see if they hold merit moving forward. Guard against mix-ups, breakdowns, malfunctioning electronics or mechanical items, or final agreements during this period unless they are from the past, otherwise if you can wait it out until Mercury is Direct on Dec 6th. The Sun will join this story on the 22ndfor 30 days and this puts a spotlight on you and urges you to show up and get more personally or physically involved in these interests or to tie in your name, image, brand, title, or needs in the mix.

Mars is heading into your income, purchases, possessions, and products zone starting on the 15thand you haven’t had this added fire under these matters for a couple years. This can help you find your passion again about it or motivate things into motion or stir anger or fights about it (watch that one), so it’s go time. Expect to be busier than you have in some time about it. To add to this story, Neptune has been Retrograde for months in these areas of life which may have clouded things a bit or held you in place when it came to institutions involved, the research needed, any artistic, spiritual or romantic influences in the mix, and rather had you tied into the past somehow. On the 24ththis goes Direct and these influences are now in forward motion with your earning potential, purchases, products, or possessions.

Venus has been Retrograde the last 6 weeks, giving you a slow-down or return to the past over love or income, women or beauty interests, and for your sign it’s been working this out through travel, distance, legal, educational, media, marketing, wedding, religious, ceremonial, or political arenas. Now, on the 16th, Venus goes Direct again so you will start to see things moving forward again with your love or income, women or beauty needs here, look to partners, clients, specialists, reps, or the competition for clues about what’s next.

The Full Moon on the 23rdis in your zone of lovers, children, creative ventures, and recreational pursuits. That means something is culminating in at least one of these areas for you as things come through, wrap up, are celebrated, end, or are achieved. This may involve news or decisions, short trips or offers, sales or writing, or ideas that get you

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